Introduction: How to Make a Beaded Bookmark

I am not a self-taught beader. I became interested and was taught the art of traditional beading by my beautiful spirited Native American Grandmother or known to me as my Dota. Many moons ago growing up I would spend awesome summers in the mountains of Pennsylvania with this wonderful lady who would sit me down to teach me about my heritage and the importance of passing down these traditions to the next generation. So I would like to share a piece of my heritage with you by showing you how to bead yourself a one of kind bookmark.

Step 1: Materials:

1. Beads - You can use any bead that is small in size. I use Delicas # 11 which can be purchase through Fire Mountain Gems catalog or their website

2. Needle - Size 13

3. Thread - Size 0

4. Scissors - Here I just have a pair of generic craft scissors

5. Needle Nose Pliers

6. Tweezers

7. Jump Ring - 4mm

8. Soldered Ring - 5mm

9. Split Ring - 12mm

10. Decorative Charm - This is your preference, here I will use a feather

11. 1/8-inch Ribbon - Your desire length, I use roughly 24 in long piece

12. 1 x Generic medium size bead - This will be your “Bead catch” and removed when project is finished

13. Transite Line or Finishing Line - This is used to pull the ribbon through


When working with needles the possibility of being stuck with them is there and will likely happen, so take your time and know where your needle is at all times.

Step 2: The Foundation

Take your spool of thread and cut roughly 24 inches. Note: if you run low on thread during this process it’s ok you can just weave a new piece in during the remainder of these steps.

Pick up your single medium size bead and pass the needle back thru the bead 2 times, leaving at least a 3 to 4-inch tail. This bead will serve as your “bead catch.”

For the 1st row, slide 2 green, 2 yellow, 2 pink and repeat pattern one more time. At this point you should have 12 beads on your needle.

Step 3: Bead and Repeat.....

Thread another new bead matching the top color you have chosen in this case a green bead. Slip the needle through the top of the second original stack of beads and pull through until the new bead matches up with the top bead of the original stack.

Next thread another bead on the needle that matches the next color down. Then repeat the previous step only this time from the previous bead added count two down and insert needle through top of that second bead and pull through adding new bead right under the previous one.

Repeat these steps to finish row. Once row is finished flip over and repeat as state above for the next row till reaching 5 completed rows.

Step 4: Tubular

Once you have reached 5 rows across you should have a flat rectangle looking shape as depicted in the picture above. At this point we need to combine both ends to form a tubular shape. Note: Make sure your remainder of thread is located on the bottom and “Bead Catch” is located at the top left.

Fold in half with the opening facing towards you, then take you needle coming up the last bottom bead on the left and continue to weave right to left till reaching the top.

Whatever thread is left over don’t cut! Take remaining thread with your needle and run through any bead located near the bead you came up an pull thorough and then continue to weave remainder of thread two beads at a time to you reach the other end. Repeat this one more time in the same manner. Note: Before reaching the last bead on the second time weaving up you can now clip remainder of the thread and remove “Bead Catch” weaving remaining tail in the same manner.

Step 5: Rings, Rings and Things

Take your chosen charm and add 4mm jump ring to charm before closing jump ring add 5mm soldered ring as well. Take your needle nose pliers and close jump ring to secure both charm and soldered ring. Next take this piece and attach to your 12mm split ring.

Step 6: Almost There :)

Next we need to attach our ribbon to our beaded piece. Cut about a 12-inch piece of transit or fishing line. Take your 24-inch piece of ribbon and fold in half equally.

With your transite or fishing line run in between the fold of the ribbon.

Grab both ends of transite or fishing line threading through your beaded tube and pulling ribbon through till about 1 to 2-inches of ribbon have been pulled through.

Step 7: Let's Finish This!

Finally, we need to attach our charm to our ribbon. Take your ribbon and slide on to your split ring, this can be done by either splitting the ring with your fingers or using your tweezers to hold open the ring. Once attach gently push up your beaded tube till it firmly rest against split ring. Note: You can attach the jump ring to ribbon first then attach your charm as featured in the video above the choice is yours. Now you are ready to start your reading adventure.