Introduction: How to Make a Beaded Flower Statement Necklace Pattern With Pearl Beads

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Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make a beaded flower statement necklace pattern with pearl beads at home.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed in the Beaded Flower Statement Necklace:

Glass Bugle Beads

Acrylic Pearl Drop Beads

8mmGolden Pearl Beads

4mm Golden Pearl Beads

8mm White Pearl Beads

4mm White Pearl Beads

Glass Rhinestone Beads

Blown Glass Beads

Czech Glass Beads

Steel Tiger Tail

Iron Bead Tips

Iron Headpins

Iron Jump Rings

Lobster Claw Clasps

Copper Wires

DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

A Set of Three Pliers

Step 2: Make the Middle Round Beaded Part

1st, cut off a piece of about 50cm tiger tail, string a 8mm white pearl bead on the middle side, then thread the left tiger tail across the pearl bead from right to left and thread the right tiger tail across the pearl bead from left to right;

Step 3:

2nd, string two bugle beads on the one side and thread the tiger tail back across the two bugle beads, and make sure the tiger tail has gone through the tiger tail around the white pearl bead, because it can fix the bugle beads around the white pearl bead;

3rd, repeat the steps to add more bugle beads around the white pearl bead.

Step 4: Add More Pearl Beads to Make a Pearl Beaded Flower

1st, string a drop pearl bead a 4mm white pearl bead and a drop pearl bead on the one side of the tiger tail, then thread the tiger tail back across a bugle bead and the first drop bead, and this will be the first little part of the beaded flower;

2nd, repeat the steps to make more part for the beaded flower.

Step 5: Make Five Little Glass Bead Flowers

1st, cut off about 15cm tiger tail, string a glass bead on it, put the tiger tails together and string an 8mm gold pearl bead on them;

2nd, thread the tiger tails across an 8mm gold pearl bead, string two 8mm gold pearl beads on one side, thread the tiger tail on the next glass bead;

3rd, keep stringing two 8mm gold pearl beads, then tie a knot to fix the beads together, repeat the steps to make another four glass bead flowers.

Step 6: Make a Drop Bead Pendant

1st, put some bugle beads on the blown glass bead, and string the blown glass bead and a 4mm white pearl bead on a headpin;

2nd, cut off the excessive headpin and bend a loop.

Step 7: Add the Beaded Parts to Necklace

1st, link a glass bead flower to the bead pendant and hang them under the pearl bead flower;

Step 8:

2nd, string two glass bead flower on the both side of the tiger tail;

Step 9:

3rd, string some 4mm white pearl beads on the both side of the tiger tail.

Step 10: Use Two Jump Rings, Two Bead Tips and a Lobster Clasp to Link the Two Ends Together.

Step 11: The Final Look of the Beaded Flower Statement Necklace:

Congratulations! You finish making the beaded flower statement necklace. Although it seems like a complicated statement necklace, it doesn't some difficult as you imagined before, right? I'm sure this elegant beaded flower statement necklace will make you more charming.