How to Make a Beaded Single Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

Introduction: How to Make a Beaded Single Bracelet on Rainbow Loom

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This is a tutorials I created to help the beginners get a head start! Please enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need

You will Need:

·13 Rubber Bands of Your Color
·12 Rubber Bands w/ Beads of Your Color
·S or C Clip
·Rainbow Loom

Step 2: Prepare Your Beaded Rubber Bands

Grab a bead and put a rubber band through it. Do this to all 12 of them.

Step 3: Let's Put Em'

Now put the colors in a zig zag. Put the colors in a pattern. The regular is first, then is the beaded. For example: r b r b r b r b r b r b

Step 4: Overveiw

This is how it should look like.

Step 5: Looming

Turn your loom over where the arrow is pointing at you. How this works is go back the way you went.

Step 6: Cliping

You clip the last one together.

Step 7: Pull It Out

Pull it out carefully!

Step 8: Join Both Ends and Have Fun

Enjoy your new bracelet!

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