How to Make a Bean Bag Toss With a Suprise

Introduction: How to Make a Bean Bag Toss With a Suprise

Its a twist to a normal bean bag game and fun for kids! It also makes cool sounds.

Step 1: Supplies

  1. Conductive Paint
  2. Touch Board
  3. Conductive Paint
  4. Alligator Clips
  5. Lipo Battery (3.7v)
  6. Plastic Bean Bag Stand

Step 2: Draw Characters

Draw the characters with pencil on the bean bag stand.

Paint them with acrylic paint

Step 3: Drill Holes

we drilled holes on the places we wanted to hear a sound. We put screws into the holes. for example we put three screws in shrek's face.

Step 4: Touch Board

we downloaded mp3 sounds of shrek and then we saved it to the touch board.

how to transfer sounds to the touch board available online:

Step 5: Alligator Clips

after we used alligator clips to connect the touch board sounds to the screws. we also used conductive paint on the top side of the screws. we used conductive paint so that all of the board makes a sound when anything conductive touches it.

Step 6: Conductive Beanbags

you have to use conductive fabric wrapped around the beanbag so that it worked when it touches the conductive paint.

Step 7: Connecting

you have to plug a battery to the touch board and also a speaker so you can hear the noise. the screws and the touch board were connected by alligator clips. don't forget to test it out before to make sure the sounds are right for each character.

Step 8:

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    4 years ago

    This is great!