Introduction: How to Make a Bean Shooter And/or a Mauly Clip Gun

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Hello everyone I am really excited about this instructable because this is my first toy one I have done. I think this project is very fun and these weapons shoot very fast and can do lots of damage. WARNING: DO NOT AIM AT ANY HUMANS OR ANIMALS.
I am not responsible for any injuries that may happen. As a little extra thing at the end I will show you how to make a target stand.

Step 1: Making the Bean Shooter.

One latex glove finger
3 rubber bands
and One plastic bottle.

Knife or scissors.


Step 2: Making the Bean Shooter Part 2.

Cut the Plastic bottle to your desired length (mine is small because I like to have it in my pocket).
Then put the Latex glove around the mouth of the bottle.

Step 3: Finishing Up the Bean Shooter.

Almost done!

Take the rubber bands and wrap them around just below the mouth of the bottle to make sure the Latex finger is on real tight.
If your rubber band is too loose then turn the circle around 360 degrees. In picture 2, that is what I'm talking about when I said 360 degrees.

Step 4: Finishing/ Tweaking Things Up

If you want more accuracy try hot gluing a toilet paper roll on, or make a storage compartment to store your beans in. The possibilities are endless.

Step 5: Making the Mauly Clip Gun


Mauly Clip
and 1 rubber band.

or Cabob Stick
Something long.

Step 6: Making the Mauly Gun

Take the Mauly clip and put the things that open it, up. Then hold a rubber band in the middle of the clip.
Then put the things down like you would to open the clip.

Step 7: The Target Stand.

A plastic or metal container that is or big than standard size paper (I'm using metal)
String or thin yarn
A printed target with standard size paper
4 paperclips.

Tape or a hot glue gun.

Step 8: Putting the String On.

Cut the string or thin yarn in half and put it on the container.

Step 9: Taping/ Hot Gluing the Strings On.

Tape or hot glue the strings down on your container. Make sure they are tight!
Then cut off the extra string and make good use of it somewhere else.

Step 10: Putting the Paper on the Container.

Take the paper and put it on top of the strings, then put the paper clip on to secure it.

Step 11: Finishing Up

Feel free to make any changes necessary to the target. I would put something soft on the back of the target so when you hit it the beans won't break.

Thank You for looking at my ible.