Introduction: How to Make a Beautiful Handbag Using an Old Cardboard Container?

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Handbagis an essential part of any woman’s life. They make carrying important things like makeup for touch-ups, jewelry and other essential things with them while they travel. But tired of carrying those big handbags! Here is a cute and quick to make a replacement for it. Yes, with the help of the best out of waste craft tricks, you can easily make an adorable handbag which can carry all your accessories while you walk out.

Are you also willing to make a handbag? Let’s begin with the joyous process.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Empty cardboard box
  • Color paper
  • Printed paper
  • Foam sheet
  • Magnetic Clasp
  • Stone Bead
  • Cutter and scissor
  • Glue and cello tape

Here are the simple steps for making this lovely handbag.

Step 2: Let's Take Cardboard Box!

  • Take an empty cardboard box and using a cutter, cut out some portion of it. Open the box from the other side and using a scissor, cut the extra piece of cardboard on the opening side.

Step 3: Let's Stick Small Piece of Cardboard!

  • Take a small piece of cardboard and place it on the other open end of the cardboard box to give it a handbag look using some glue.

Step 4: Let's Make Opening of Handbag!

  • Take the cutter and cut the folded opening of the box. Take another strip of cardboard and stick it to the opening using a cello tape on both sides. Using the scissors, cut the end of the opening giving it an arc look. Your handbag is ready.

Step 5: Let's Stick Color Paper!

  • Now let’s decorate it. For decoration, take a color sheet and stick it inside the cardboard box. Fold the remaining part of the paper outside to give it perfect finishing. Cover the opening of the box too from inside.

Step 6: Let's Cover the Box With Printed Sheets!

  • Now take a printed sheet to cover the cardboard box from outside. Cover the entire box from all the sides.

Step 7: Let's Make a Button!

  • For making a button, take a magnetic clasp. Using a pointer, make a hole on the opening part and fix one side of the clasp in it. Similarly, fix the other part of the clasp on the opposite side to give the handbag a button.

Step 8: Let's Make Handle of the Bag!

  • Take a strip of foam sheet and color sheet too. Apply glue on the foam strip and cover it with the color strip to make the handle of the handbag. By stretching the foam strip, give the handle a flexible bending look.

Step 9: Let's Fix Handle!

  • Take a cutter and make the minor cut on the top of the handbag for fixing both the sides of the handles. Stick the endings of the handles in the inner side top for firmness.

Step 10: Let's Stick Stone Bead!

  • Finally, take a stone bead and stick it on top of the magnetic clasp for giving a button like a look.

Step 11: Conclusion

Your beautiful handbag is ready to use. Such handbags are quite trendy for traveling where you can store creams, jewelry, clips,and other necessary things. It eliminates carrying the heavy purses saving some good space in your bags. So, are you ready with your homemade handbag!