Introduction: How to Make a Beautiful Peacock Wall Hanging?

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Peacock is a colourful and beautiful bird and therefore peacock crafts are very popular and find a place in every home. These attractive crafts look amazing and are mostly used as a gift item or as a home decor.

Here we are going to make a beautiful peacock wall hanging that is going to look great on the walls. This is a beautiful Wall Decor that is made using best out of waste materials.

Step 1: ​Things Needed to Make a Wall Hanging

  • Decorative Papers
  • Glitter Paper
  • Felt Papers
  • Color Papers
  • Cardboard
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue Gun & Stick
  • Craft Scissors
  • Decorative Stones
  • Blue Pebbles
  • Decorative Bead & Pearls
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Toy Eye

Step 2: Let's Draw the Design!

  • Take a cardboard and draw a design. Cut it using a cutter.
  • Now draw circles inside the cutout piece.
  • Now draw the design of a peacock.
  • Now take another cardboard and draw circles on it.Cut out the drawn circles.
  • Take a colour paper and cut out circles similar to the ones on the cardboard.
  • Paste the cardboard on the cutout colour paper.
  • Take another colour paper and paste it into the main cardboard piece.
  • Now take a felt paper and make small cuttings on it. Paste the paper on the cardboard.

Step 3: Let's Paste the Peacock Shape Cutting!

  • Take a green colour sheet and draw the outline of the peacock. Cut along the outline.
  • Take a glitter sheet and draw the outline for the feathers.Make a small cut and join it using glue.We need several such golden and silver arrangements.
  • Now, take the cardboard and paste the peacock shape cutting.

Step 4: Paste the Golden and Silver Designs!

  • Take the blue colour circle and draw the outline.
  • Now paste the golden and silver designs on the outline of the circle.

Step 5: Let's Decorate the Peacock!

  • Now paste the decorative beads and stones on the circle.
  • Take the blue pebbles and stick on the cardboard.
  • Now take a red colour sheet. Draw and cut out the beak of the peacock.Paste the beak on the peacock.
  • Take a satin ribbon and paste it on the backside of the wall decor for hanging.
  • Now take a blue glitter sheet and draw a small circle on it. Cut it and paste it into the body of the peacock.
  • Decorate it with pearl beads and paste the decorative pearl at the centre of the design.
  • To beautify the wall decor, use decorative pearls, beads and stones.
  • Paste the decorative beads on the feather to give it a better look.

Wow!! Your beautiful peacock DIY Wall Hanging is now ready!

Step 6: ​Conclusion

It is a beautiful peacock wall hanging and is going to make your walls look really attractive. Use it on the walls of any room and showcase your talent to friends and relatives.

Hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial. In case of any suggestion or feedback, please share the same in the comment section below.

Happy Crafting!