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Introduction: How to Make a Beer Tote

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You could make them out of any type of wood but I'm using 1/2" walnut plywood for mine. If you do use plywood for your beer caddy you may find that cross cutting the plywood on the table saw or bandsaw leads to tear out. This can be prevented by placing some masking or painters tape on both sides of the plywood before cutting. This helps support the fibers as the blade plows through. All of the joinery in this build is simple butt joints reinforced with dowels. This will provide plenty of strength for beer carrying use. I prefer to finish my beer totes with spray lacquer as it dries quickly and add protection. More details and more projects like this on my woodworking website. Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Step 1: Cut All Pieces to Size

First thing you'll do is cut all your pieces to width and length.

Step 2: Cut Bottom Grooves

On the two long sides you'll then cut a groove to fit your plywood bottom.

Step 3: Shape the Ends

On the two end pieces, mark and cut the angles on the bandsaw.

Step 4: Drilling the Handle Holes

Now you can drill the holes in each of the end pieces for the handle.

Step 5: Cut the Handle

Cut the dowel rod to length.

Step 6: Glue Up

Now you'll piece it all together and glue up the beer tote. Be sure not to forget the bottom.

Step 7: Dowel Joinery

You can now reinforce the butt joints by drilling some holes and flush cut dowels.

Step 8: Beer Tote Inserts

Now on the bandsaw you can cut out the slots for the inserts.

Step 9: Finish and Enjoy!

Add some spray lacquer and insert your favorite beers! More details and more projects like this on my woodworking website. Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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6 years ago

I have to say this is one of my all time favorite "drunken" Make Something project! :-)

i would like to see one like the old soda cardboard six packs so the bottles do not clink togather. I have been calling mine totes so people can carry what every they want. The last lady was puting her horse grooming item in it.


6 years ago

I used some old fence boards on my first prototype. The bottle opener is a machine washer overlapping the large drilled hole. On the later models I made as Christmas presents, my handle was a few inches longer and tapered to fit through some smaller diameter holes.