Introduction: How to Make a Bench in TinkerCAD

In this instructable I will guide you through a step by step process of making a bench in tinkerCAD.

Step 1: The Legs

Start with four blocks and place them so they are lined up with each other in a rectangle formation.

Step 2: Shaping the Legs

Shape down the legs so they are 4 wide, 4 long, and 20 high. Make the rest of the blocks these same dimensions. Then, place the two front legs 30 units apart and the back legs 30 units apart. The left front and back legs should be 15 units away, same with the right side.

Step 3: Create the Sitting Platform

Create a block and mold it to these dimensions, 23 wide x 38 long x 2 high.

Step 4: Placing the Platform and Adding a Back.

Place the platform so that it is in the middle, the side should hang over a little bit. Find a back piece that you like and mold it to the same dimensions as the sitting platform. Then, rotate it to a 67.5 degree angle and place it on the bench, it should line up with the platform.

Step 5: Paint, and Personalize Your Bench

Now you can group all the pieces together or paint the individually, i also added groovez like a real bench but you don't have to. Congrats! You have made a bench in tinkerCAD.