Introduction: How to Make a Best Pregnancy Pillow Just for You

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Due to several hormonal changes during pregnancy, most expectant mothers find it hard to sleep in one position. Gynecologists normally advise the use of a pregnancy pillow for a comfortable sleep. However, the pregnancy pillows on the market are somehow expensive and may not meet all your requirements. Happily, there are some ways on how to make a pregnancy pillow that is cheap and will meet your own requirements. Some of the benefits of using a pregnancy pillow include relieving pressure on neck and shoulders, providing firmness while sleeping, helping you with temperature control, and taking the pressure off the knees.

Step 1: Find Your Own Pattern

Since you want a pregnancy pillow that will meet your needs, it is good to choose a pattern you like. The contoured pattern is the most recommended.

Some of the things you will need are:

* Two - 50-inch by 30-inch pieces of fabric A

* Six - 3-inch by 40-inch strips of coordinating fabric В

* Two - 2- inch by 25-inch strips of fabric В

* One - 12-inch zipper

Step 2: Cutting the Contoured Pattern

Start by laying out the 50 inch by 30-inch fabric, then fold them into quarters so that all corners can meet.

You can use a bowl to round the four corners of the two fabrics. Unfold the rectangles and then fold them in half-hotdog style. From one of the sides, cut well right down to the middle. However, the distance of the cut should not worry you. Then wisely cut the preferred pattern out of the middle area.

You can decide to skip the other remaining Steps by sewing the two contoured fabrics together then turning it inside out, stuff it and you are done. However, if you would like to have a fancy pillow, let move to the next steps.

Step 3: Piercing the Strips

You have two contoured fabrics, six long strips, and a zipper. The first step is to pair the long strips, and then sewing them together. Do the same to the remaining two pairs. This means you will have three 80-inch long strips.

Step 4: Piercing the Zipper

Now let bring the zipper. Remember you have Two (2-inch by 25-inch strips). You will use them to wrap the zipper. With the outer part of the zipper facing the right side of one of the strips, sew the length of the zipper. You will notice that the strip will be longer than the zipper, which is okay. Sew the other side as well using the other strip. Now you will have three long strips and an encased zipper.

Step 5: Put Them Together

Take one of your contoured fabric and place the zipper at the center. Now carefully following the edges, pin them together to ensure the strip is aligned with corners. Then sew the strip onto your contoured pieces. This step is a bit tricky because you need to sew the strip all around the contoured pieces.

Step 6: Stuffing

When you have sewed up everything and the zipper can zip and unzip, you can stuff the fabric. You can use stuffing from other pillows to make it firm.


All is done and the end result is a good pregnancy pillow. The pillow may seem firmer at first but keep in mind that it will be the best pregnancy pillow because you made it for your own requirements.