Introduction: How to Make a Big Hero 6: "Wasabi" Costume

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He spilled wasabi on his shirt one time, people.. ONE TIME! For the 2015 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, my friends wanted to go as the Big Hero 6 cast. Well, we needed a Wasabi and our friend agreed to help out the team. Read to get started??



- brown shoe laces

-black knee high socks

- blue pants (thrift store)

-red fabric

- black long sleeve shirt

-4 teal shoe laces (ebay)

- black gloves

-black plastic clips

-plastic bins

- blue acetate gift wrap

- adhesive spray

- fake dredlocks (ebay)

-red headband (dollar store)

- plastic protection ear muffs (dollar store)

- du rag wave cap

-plastic visor (dollar store)

Step 1: Chest and Back

1)For the chest, take your tape measure and measure from the shoulder to the bottom of your rib cage. Now add on 1 more inch to the width. From there, cut out that measured rectangle out of the scratch paper.

2) fold it in half, draw in your template and then start cutting out the general shape from the folded paper (pic 1). When you unfold it, you should have the front piece (pic 2) *this pics is not the actual chest plate, but the concept is the same.

3) do the same process for the back. (pic 3)

4) Cut these out from the EVA foam (pic 4). From there, i started cutting out the segments of Wasabi's armor. Remember that he has 3 tiers under his pectorals.

5) From there, press the chest AND back foam pieces onto the person. The reason you added an extra inch to the width is so that you can make the fitting flush. Overlap the side flaps of the chest over the side flaps of the back piece. Mark off the excess foam and cut them off. (pic 5)

6). Glue your plastic buckles onto both sides and clip them in. (pic 6)

7). From there, cut the back piece in half where the crease is. The reason for this is that your back is not perfectly flat. It will look nicer if the armor is more contoured to your body. (pic 7)

8) Just as you overlapped the side pieces, overlap the two back pieces till they are nice and contoured to the shape of your body. Mark and cut them to the correct shape. Now glue them together.(pic 8 )

9) now get more foam and put it into the shoulder sections. I just took some extra foam, placed it in the vacant gap where the shoulder strap would be, mark it, and then cut it. Glue in place once completed.

10) From there, grab your paper templates and draw in your extra details, such as extra plating, pectoral pieces, etc.. Basically anything that you want elevated.. You can use either craft foam or EVA foam, depending how thick you want it to be. cut out those sections(pic 9 , 10, 11, 12)

Step 2: Shoulders, Trim, Pants, & Belt


1) To make your shoulders, you want to cut out a giant tear drop- ish shape from your scratch paper

2) use that template and cut it out of foam.

3) grab your heating gun and heat both sides of the shoulder in a bowl

4) While hot, press the tear drop shaped eva foam into a ceramic bowl to get a nice dome shape.

5. Make the tear drop-ish again, but a little shorter this time and glue on top of the first pair

6) repeat process 3 and 4, then glue pieces on top of each other (pic 1)

7) I used a soldering iron and created the little holes on the shoulder pieces for accent. If you don't have one, you can probably heat up a screw driver on an open flame and use that.

8) Attach them onto the chest pieces with elastic strips


1) Use the shoe lace and sew it onto the long sleeve black shirt in the designated pattern (pic 2)

- I had to pause the movie several times to get good images of what the trim should look like.

Pants (pic 3)

1) We found some blue snow pants and first took out the lining.

2) then we cut the elastic cuffs off the bottom of the legs

3) We shortened the legs to just under the knee and reattached the elastic cuffs.


1) we had some red fabric laying around so we sewed it to the appropriate length and just tied it around his waist

Step 3: Shoes and Shins


1) Trace out of your foot on some paper

2) cut out the template and then cut it out of EVA foam

3) take your long socks and use some chalk to mark where the divide is between the second and third toe.

4) sew the seam closed so you have tabi-feet (pic 1)

5) now this may feel scary, but it seemed to work for us. while you have the socks on, put hot glue onto the EVA foam and step on it.


1) Fold your paper in half and draw out your shins

2) Cut out of EVA foam and cover with Modge lodge

3) once dry, paint black

4) take your brown shoe laces and put them on the edge of the shins ( pic 3)

5)put some elastic straps on the shins

Step 4: Forearm Guantlets

1) Get your scratch paper and cut out a rectangle that will be the length of inseam of your elbow to your knuckle.. the width would be enough that it can overlap.

2) wrap the paper around your forearm. Adjust as needed for the length.

3) Since the paper is around your forearm, you can cut it to fit your arm pretty snug. This is the exact thing you did with the sides of the chest and back. you want a nice clean seam.

4) Once you have a base, cut another "top layer" of EVA foam to place on top for the back of the forearm and also the hand protector (Pic 1)

5) so for the forearm part, only glue down the sides and back.. Leave the side that is closest to your write unglued, so you will be able to slide the blade in and out. You are essentially creating a channel for the blade to fit in.

6) We got some large clear bins at costco and cut out the general shape of the blades (pic 2)

7) from there, we refined the cuts and cut in the slots in the blades so that they could could fit well in the channel of the gauntlet. Also, there are little notches on the sides of the blades so that they can fit into crevasses of the foam gauntlet to keep them in place. (pic 3)

8) we took a heating gun to the blades so they would somewhat curve, as a forearm is not flat.

9) we then took some adhesive spray, sprayed on the clear blades, and then placed the blue acetate wrapping paper on them (Pic 4)

10) i used my air brush gun to lighten some areas of the blades.

Step 5: Hair and Visor


1) take your dreads hats and cut off the fake dreads (pic 1)

2) cut the dreads to about 2 inches

3)take your fake dreads and superglue them onto the du-rag. I had a styrofoam mannequin head laying around, so i used that to help (pic 2)

4) once all your dreads are in place put on the red headband


1) take off the band from the visor and remove anything unessential (pic 1)

2) we found a helmet at the dollar store that had a yellow visor. We detached it and secured it onto the ear pieces

3) we put an elastic strap in the back to secure it onto his head

Step 6: Finished


Since foam itself doesn't paint very well, you need to first coat it with plastids or modge podge.

2. Paint gesso over each piece to act as a primer. -

3.paint all pieces the mint greenish color and you should be ready to go!


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