Introduction: How to Make a BigMac (From Mcdonalds)

This will teach you everythin you need to know on how to make a BigMac from Mcdonalds in a few easy steps

Step 1: Buns

First thing that you will have to do to make a BigMac is find the sesame seed bun with a middle bun in it, this is the BigMac bun. Then you will need to place it in the toaster, all the buns go in the toaster face side up, the top bun goes in where it says crown on the toaster, the middle bun goes where it says club and the bottom bun goes where it says heel. Once it is done it will come out the other side toasted.

Step 2: Box

You want to grab the box that says BigMac on the bottom of it, once you get this box you will bring it down and put it on the counter then, put the bun in it with the crown and the club on the top part of the box and the heel on the other half.

Step 3: Toppings

You will begin by doing 1 squirt of BigMac sauce on the club and heel bun, Then you will add recon onions to the club and heel bun and then you will add lettuce to the club and heel bun, then you will add two pickles to the club and a slice of cheese to the heel bun. After you do all of these steps you will have all of the toppings on your BigMac.

Step 4: Meat

After you have all the toppings on your BigMac you will then need to put on your meat, at McDonalds we use 10 to 1 patties (this means that 10 patties will be 1 pound of meat), to put on the patties you will have to grab your red tongs, then open up the storage area that says 10 to 1 and grab 2 patties. Then you put one on the top bun and one on the bottom bun.

Step 5: Finishing

To finish the BigMac you have to move the club bun onto the heel bun, then you are able to close the box and that will put on the top bun. Then you send it down the shoot so up front can give it to the customer that ordered the BigMac.