Introduction: How to Make an Altoids Tin Biker's Survival Kit

I've been mountain biking for a couple of years now and I know what it's like to run into a problem and be unprepared. However, I made this nifty little survival kit for bikers who will run into the same problems as I did. This kit is for all bikers (road, BMX, beach, mountain,etc.) and conveniently fits in a standard Altoids Tin. It features all of the necessary tools to fix a punctured inner tube, perform first aid, and help you if you're lost. I recommend having this with you whenever you go out biking. Check out my video for this!!!!!

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Step 1: Parts

These are the parts that you will need:

1. Standard Altoids Tin. 
2. Rubberband. 
3. Two Bike Tire Wrenches. 
4. Electrical Tape. 
5. Trail/Route map.
6. Regular Bandaids( Three in a strand)
7. Butterfly Bandaid. 
8. Razor Blade.
9. $20 Bill.
10. Tweezers. 
11. Inner Tube Repair Instructions (You may not need this). 
12. Fresh Nap (Wet napkin in a paper package)
13. Cleansing Wipe (Also in a Paper Package)
14. Small Square of Sandpaper.
15. Glue And Non-glue Inner Tube Patches. (Park Tool sells non-glue patches in a box with a bit of sandpaper. Put some glue patches in this box with the others.)
16. 3 Circular Cotton Wipes. 
17. 3 Allen Wrenches (Different sizes).
18. 2 Spare Inner Tube Bike Caps. 
19. (Optional) A converter for a bike pump that will let it fit the smaller inner tube valves.
20. Small Compass. 
21. Glue for the glue inner tube patches. 
22. Double-Sided Tape.
23. Scotch Tape. 

Step 2: Outside the Tin.

The outside is pretty easy. Take both tire wrenches and position them on the bottom of the tin. Use two strips of electrical tape to hold them in place. USE ONLY ELECTRICAL TAPE!!!! It retains its adhesiveness and can be used over and over again. 

Step 3: The Lid.

Lay out your strand of three Bandaids face up. On the back of the one to the far left, put some double-sided tape. On the opposite end, Use some Scotch tape to attach the non-sharp end of the razor blade to the last Bandaid to the right. Before you do this, put some electrical tape over the sharp end of the razor blade so that you won't get cut. Then put the butterfly bandage on top of the blade and secure ONE SIDE ONLY to the Bandaid. You will have done this right when you can tilt the package that holds the butterfly Bandaid back to reveal the razor blade. Now, stick the other end of the double sided tape to the top of the tin lid. Do a tri-fold with the Bandaids so that they are completely inside of the tin lid. Tuck the $20 bill and the inner tube repair instructions in between the folds of the bandaid and you will be done.  One more note: when installing, keep the Bandaids in their paper slips to ensure they are clean. 

Step 4: The Base.

Take two of the round cotton pads and lay them down on top of one another in the far right of the base of the container. Take the compass and put it in the upper left corner. The three allen keys should go on top of the pads any way that they fit. Put the glue on top of the pads as well AFTER you have put in the allen wrenches. Put the small box of patches on top of the cotton wipes as well. (This box should contain a couple non-glue patches, glue patches, and a small square of sandpaper.) Put the valve caps and the converter in the bottom left corner under the compass. Fold the last cotton circle into fourths and put that in-between the compass and the patches. Lay the tweezers down on top of all of this. Then put the two wet towels (One sanitation and one cleaning) on top of that side by side. Mine overlap a bit. 

Step 5: The Outside.

My tin was able to close but we still need a rubber band wrapped around the tin to hold the map. Slide the map under the band but on top of the tire wrenches. I folded the map until it was a little smaller than the tin. 

Step 6: Congratulations!

You're now ready to take the sometimes-harsh world of biking. I made this instructable as part of the bike contest. I'd really appreciate an up vote on this instructable. Thank's for making and have a good day!
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