Introduction: How to Make a Bird House From a Pallet

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This instuctables is not a proper tutorial where you can get all of the sizes and measurements of wood to make one yourself because I used scraps of wood, but I will explain the build in as much detail as I can and also other ways of doing it so you can also have a great ancient Greek temple inspired bird house.

I wanted to build this project from free wood and scraps to keep it cheap and recycled and to keep it natural, and by using just Gorilla glue and no nails or screws.

Step 1: Materials

here is list of some of the materials you'll need or alternatives you should hopefully have all these materials

1.a pallet (or wood)


3.sander or sanding block

3.gorrila glue or screws

4.ruler and pen

5.maybe wood filler or putty

6.sand paper

7. calmps or tape

Step 2: How to Use Gorrila Glue

now this project was made from 100% gorilla glue and clamps and NO SCREWS or NAILS so i thought it whold be a good idea to show you how to use gorilla glue first so i dont have to explain it in every step

  1. frist you want to give the wood a quick clean for example brush or sand off the dirt
  2. next you want to dampen the wood on both sides so you get a better cure
  3. then you want to pour some gorilla glue on on the damp wood
  4. place wood on area that you have applyed gorrilla glue to
  5. and clamp it. you can get as imaginative or creative as you want with all your mad or elaborate clamps you have thoht off. if you have no clamps you can allways use duct tape
  6. and let it dry it takes 1-2 house for 80% cure and 24 hours for 100% cure. so leaving it for 1 hour is long enough

Step 3: Getting the Wood Off the Pallet

now im going to show you the best way to take pallet planks off the pallet.

this step is optional you can just cut the planks to size on the pallet for the base which is they easy

  1. what i found is the best way is to use reciprocating saw with a wood with nails saw blade or you have not got one you can always use a blade for metal
  2. then cut though the nails so the blanks just come straight off with no risk of you splitting the wood
  3. if you dont have a recip saw you can just use a crow bar and hammer and pry of the planks carefully but doing thish there is much more risk of spilting the wood

also if you want you can just cut the planks to size on the pallet for the base which is they easy

Step 4: Cutting the Wood for the Base

once you carefully got your wood off the pallet or if you whant the pallet is big enough for you to saw imberteen the suports for the right size for your base which i think is the easiest option

  1. so first work out what size you want the base of your bird table to be
  2. measure the size you whant
  3. mark with a pencil
  4. then use a 90° angle on a tri squre or on a saw to get prisise lines and cuts
  5. then cut against the line

Step 5: Bottom Supports for Base

now were going to create 2 supports for the bottom of the base. i used some scraps of wood i had lying around but you can use pallet wood or roof battens for this step

  1. measure the size you want
  2. i used a 90° metal bracket as square to get accurate measurements
  3. then cut along the line you will need 2 of these

Step 6: Sand and Clean

this step is optional if you want a super rustic look or if you pallets are super clean but mine where dirty and had splinters so i wanted to sand them so the pour bird do not get any splinters

  1. sand the pallets ligtly so you can still make it look rustic but smart at the same time. you can use use a sanding block or palm sander

Step 7: Makeing the Base

now you have cut and cleaned all of your wood for the base you now want to construct the base of your bird house

  1. gather all the wood you will need
  2. put the pallet planks together to desired size and so there are no gaps
  3. glue the base suports with gorilla glue look at step 2 for help
  4. then glamp it with wat ever you got be creative
  5. and wait

Step 8: Cutting and Glueing the Wall

now you want to create a wall so all your precious dry bird food dont all fool out on to the wet floor

  1. so first you want to measure the width of base but leave room for your wall suports and mark it with a pencil. roof batterning is 17mm wide so if you useing it leave that much gap on both sides
  2. next you want to measuer the gap imberteen the wall suports and mark on your pice of wood
  3. then cut out the wall
  4. glue to base and clamp

Step 9: Wall Suports

now you made your first wall now you want create some wall supports so you can build your roof to keep the birds and bird food dry

  1. cut the wall supports mine were 20cm high
  2. add glue to the wall and base like the picture and clamp it
  3. put your wall supports next to the the wall and clamp it

Step 10: 2nd Wall

now you have glued your wall and suports there might be alot of glue arond the sides becase gorilla glue expands 3 times as much

  1. so first you want to cut any exess glue that has expanded with a knife
  2. then you want to measure the gap imberrteen the wall suports with a ruler
  3. then cut wood to size
  4. camp the wall to the base

Step 11: Main Supporting Beam

now you want to create a supporting beam for your roof i used some scraps that my dad had lying around the garage but you can use wat ever you want

  1. so first you want gather your wood you can use any thing but it needs to be wide enougt like a narrow plallet
  2. then glue togther
  3. and clamp

Step 12: Making the Roof

in this step you can use wat ever you want for the roof you chold use a pallet planks or old scraps you have lying around the my bird table i used old scraps and for one side and a old shelf offcut for the otherside

  1. first you want to gather your wood you will need 2 of these so 6 pices of wood is needed or if your useing a pallet just cut the planks to the length you want
  2. glue
  3. then clamp it any way you want
  4. then sand and glue togther the two sides

Step 13: Making the Roof Suports

there are many ways for making the roof by doing different joints like a mitre joint but i wanted mine to look like ancient Greek temple and plus this is easy and strong so ill be doing it this way

  1. you want to find find some wood for design but it has have to be wider enogth so you can draw your roof design on it i used roof battering and have slope you chold use a pallet
  2. now you need to work out wat size you need it becase my supoting beam is 1 cm wide so had to take 1cm of the roof suports unless you want over hang
  3. then cut to size then cut in half
  4. i think the easiest way to cut the angle with out power tools is to use a hack saw to start it off then move to a tenon saw so you can quickly cut it out

Step 14: Adding Roof Suports

now you have made your roof supports and supporting beam you want to put them togther so you will be able to install a roof so the birds have a nice dry area to eat and drink ass much as theay like

  1. you need to work out where you will put your roof suports i wanted a over hang so i added a few cetimeters to the supoting beam
  2. then mark a line with your pencil on the suporting beam this will be where you glue the roof suports
  3. then glue with gorrilla glue which is suprisenly it is realy strong
  4. then glamp it
  5. and let dry and do the other side then take clamps off
  6. then glue and clamp to the wall supports. now it is starting to look like a Greek temple

Step 15: Glue Roof to Suports

sorry about the terrible now you want to glue your roof to the roof suports

  1. put some glue on the roof suports
  2. then place roof on suports
  3. and clamp

Step 16: Adding the Other Way for the Roof

sorry about not having to many pictures on this step i thought i took them but i haven't. so rember there are many ways for making the roof but this way i just cut a offcut of wooden sleth to size and glued to the the roof

Step 17: Filling in the Holes

now you want to fill in the holes with 2 pak wood filler so the birs sytay dry and it looks nicer. you must do this relay quick the wood filler dyes relay can use automotive filler or putty but putty takes such a long time to dry

Step 18: Sanding

if you need to add filler to your bird table make sure you sand it within 15-30 minutes of applying so the filler whont be too hard to sand becase it is harder then wood you can use any type off sander you want. do this outside there is a lot of dust

Step 19: Sand the Whole Bird Table

if you you want you can sand the whole bird table down the a rustic barn fill but san it softly if you want a mure rustic look like me of just sand it it down for a less rustic look.i sanded al the coners to make a curve which looks nice to the eye

Step 20: Apply Teak Oil

now you want to apply a oil or preservative to protect the wood and to make the grain stand out

  1. you want to wipe all the dust off from sanding with a cloth but you shod use a tack cloth but i have not got one
  2. put any oil or preserver in a pot
  3. paint the bird table and wipe off excess in 15 mites
  4. do at least 2 coutes

Step 21: Now You Have Done and Add Some Toys

now you have finessed your great ancient Greek temple bird table so your garden birds can relax like a emperor. all you have to do now is just to mount to something like a tree trunk or screw it to some stud work or just ant where then add some bird food and water and some toys and your done. also you can also add some hook to the top of the roof so you can hang bird balls off

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