Introduction: How to Make a Blacklight GloWorm Puppet: It's All in the Video


1. Dryer Vent
2. Two foot long pieces of PVC Pipes
3. Hacksaw or any kind of saw
4. Permenent Ink Maker
5. Measuring Tape
6. Two Cans of Spray Paint: One Fluoresent and One Black
7. Two Trash Bags
8. Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun

Added Feet Materials:

1. Two Pieces of Gutter Downsprout Pipes
2. PVC Tee Connectors
3. PVC Pipes that fit into the connectors
4. Power Drill
5. Wrench

For the added feet, follow these simple instructions

Step 1: Step #1

Measure the gutter down-sprout pipe where you want to cut. Cut about two 3 or 6 inch pieces. Cut your PVC pipes to about a foot, foot 1/2. Make sure they will fit your connectors.

Step 2: Step #2

Drill two holes in each of your down-sprout sections about an inch apart from each other, and then do the same with your connectors. Make sure to clamp your connectors down tight or it could be tricky.

Step 3: Step #3

Slide your bolts with the washer on the outside and screw the nut by hand until you can't go any further. When that happens, take your wrench and tighten you bolt. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Step #4

Slide your dryer into your foot sections and hot glue them. If you have something better than hot glue, use it. When you have completed this, and the glue has dried, spray paint both feet black.

Step 5: Step #5

When the paint has dried, screw your pipe-rods into your connectors, and you have yourself a finished Puppet. N

Step 6: And There You Have It...

Now all that's left is for you to get some blacklight and enjoy your creation.

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