Introduction: How to Make a Blog in Blogger

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If you have a opinion that you want to share, a blog is the right thing for you!

If you never have a blog before, I tink blogger is what do you want to use.

In this tutorial I will learn you how to make a blog in the Blogger service.


  • a computer or a laptop
  • a google account
  • a subject for your blog

Step 1: Let's Create Our Blog!

First you have to go to the site should look like the first foto I uploaded. Now press the big "Create Blog" button.

Sorry because I don't incuded the profile setup, I already have one and I cannot make another on my google account.

After you complete the profile setup click on 'Create new blog' button and you will see a window like the second foto I uploaded. Here you have to write the blog name and the address, now the address can be a word or a string and after it must have ''.

If there are not blogs on the address, it will show you a blue checkmark and under the text box will write 'The blog address is available', if is not so try another addres and remember, it must be terminate in ''.

Now it's time to choose a theme for your blog! The theme will be a template that defines how your blog will look. You can change the theme any time.

Horray! The setup is complete! Now click 'Create blog!' and your is ready for action.

Step 2: Are There Any Posts?

Now open a new tab and in the first text box write yours blog address. You will see your blog but there is an issue. There is nothing here! We must post something!

Go back in the Blogger tab and click on 'posts', you should see something like the second foto. Click 'New Post' and should open something like a document editor an here you write your post. You can add photos clicking on that little image on the menu. When the post is ready click on 'Publish'.

Now go to your blog and refresh it! Your post is there! If you click on it, you can read it.

Step 3: How Many Peoples Visit My Blog?

To know important information about peoples how visit your blog you can click on stats. I aslo recommand to click on 'Manage tracking your own pageviews' and to activate the dis counting of your own pageviews.

Step 4: Comments? From Who?

I have to know that everyone can comment on posts. Sometimes the comments are good for example: what can you improve, post ideas, constructive critics. But sometimes they are bad like spam or things like this. Click on 'Comments', there you can see and manage the comments on your blog.

For example, I publish a comment. Then I go to the blogger tab and refresh it, I will see my comment. Now you can remove the content (hides what I write), move to spam (like an email), delete (delete it).

Step 5: What If I Want to Share Something, But Is More Important Than Just a Post

The posts are a good way to share something but when they get old nobody reads them anymore. For this exists the pages. To make a page is not harder than make a post. Click on 'Pages' and click on new page you will see the same editor like the one for posts write your page and publish it. Now, if you go on your blog you will see that nothing is change! We must make a link to that page, so the visitors can go to it. And so we go to....

Step 6: Layouts!

The layout is the colection of gagets. A gaget is a code that acord to your blog a interactive function. To make a link to your page click on 'Add a Gaget' then a pop up window will open. Scrol to 'Page' and click on it. The menue should look like the third foto. Deselect the home page and select the page you just made. Now click 'Save' and 'Save arrangment' Go your blog and refresh it. If you not see link make sure that the gadget visibility is on and if the problem persist try to search a menu button.

Step 7: Can I Change the Look of My Blog?

In the theme you can costumize the theme of the blog but there are many functions so I can't make it in this Instructable. If this one will be appreciated I will make a instructable about it.

Step 8: And What About the Settings?

In the settings you can change labels change the addres and tehnic tings.

Step 9: Now It's Your Turn!

I showed you how take care of a blog, now, it's your turn! If you are happy with your blog write the address in the comments section and will visit it!

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