Introduction: How to Make a Blossoming Flower With Coffee Pods

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This tutorial explains how you can make a blossoming flower jewelry set with coffee pods. People will not recognize this as an upcycled product. We hope this Instructable will inspire you to re-use your own coffee pods to create your own jewelry..

Step 1: Check Out the Video to See How You Can Cut and Fold the Coffee Pod Regularly

Step 2: Materials You Need to Make This Set

The materials you need are:

- 4 capsules of choice, we have used Linizio Lungo Nespresso (orange)

- 2 headpins

- 2 earring hooks

- 2 big jump rings

- A bail

- Jewelers tools (round nosed pliers and flat nosed pliers)

- Scissors (used for paper cutting as well)

- 2 flower beads

- 4 LEGO squares

- Piece of paper for measurements, to know where you must cut your coffee pod

Step 3: Flatten the Coffee Pods

Use the LEGO squares to flatten your coffee pods. This is to make sure you do not flatten them entirely, which is necessary for this model.

Step 4: Turn the Coffee Pod Into a Flower

Use a round nosed plier to press on the border of your coffee pod to make the petal shapes

Step 5: Cut the Petals and Fold Them

As a next step, all the petals have to be cut and folded downwards. Cut of the top of another coffee pod and pose in the middle. Then fold each petal over the other until all petals are folded

Step 6: Adorn Your Blossoming Flowers

When you have folded 2 different coffee pods this way, you can adorn them any way you want to. We choose to keep the pendant simple by just adding the bail. However we added a little flower at the center of the blossom for the earrings. We hope you like the set!

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