Introduction: How to Make a Book Safe

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Alright! So I thought I would give my take on a Book safe. I have always seen these around and I never got around to making one. I've never seen this method done before and I think it worked out great! Ok so here are some things you will need.

Hard cover book

Razor blade

Resin (or hot glue)


Dremel (optional)

Step 1: Cutting Out the Pages

I moved in about 40 pages and used metal rulers around the book as a guide. The rulers are not necessary but I thought it would lead to a cleaner cut. After going down 40 pages the razor starts to guide itself so I removed the rulers. Now this step is pretty simple, cut, remove pages, repeat. This took way longer then expected but eventually I got deep enough where there were about 40 pages at the back of the book left uncut.

Step 2: Laminating the Pages

I mixed some 2 part resin epoxy and "painted" the inside cavity of the book. Now the thought behind this was that the pages would stay solid on the inside while the outside looked like normal paper. If you don't want to use resin you could spread hot glue on the inside cavity instead of resin.

Step 3: Cleaning the Cavity

Now if you take care in cutting this step is unnecessary but while I cut deeper into the book the pages started to shift. So I used a dremel with a burr so even out the pages.

Step 4: Adding Fabric

Just for light cushioning and aesthetics I cut out some pieces of fabric and hot glued them to the inside of the book. This gives the book a nice shaded cavity and hides the pages.

Step 5: Throw on the Shelf and Enjoy!

Now just place your valuables inside and put the book on the shelf. There are many different methods of doing this and I cant wait to try more! Thank You for following along and if you have any questions leave them in the comments. Make sure to check out my Instagram @bitterbladeco and my YouTube @Bitter Blade Co.