Introduction: How to Make a Textbook Safe

Okay! Book safes are really cool. I've always seen these in movies, and I thought it would be really cool to create one for myself. These are some materials you will need.

Hard Cover Book



Hot Glue Gun (with glue)

Paint Brush

Box Cutter

3 Clamps

Step 1: Cutting Out the Pages

Skip 50 pages (pages may vary depending on the book) before cutting the inside of the book. Use the ruler to guide the box cutter to cut in a straight line. Leave a margin of 3 cm. on each side of the page. Keep cutting the pages of the book until your left with 50 pages uncut pages on the back of the book (pages may vary depending on the book). This was harder then I expected and it took longer then I expected.

Step 2: Gluing the Pages Together

Once you have cut the pages of your book, clamp one side of the book and glue it using the hot glue gun. Spread the hot glue with the paint brush all throughout the inside of the book. Do the same thing to all 4 sides. Then glue one or two uncut pages to the bottom of the cut pages.

Step 3: Adding Fabric

Cut a piece of fabric that fits the inside of your book. Then glue the fabric onto the sides of the inside of your book. I also added a smiley face at to bottom of the book to make it look nice.

Step 4: Throw in Some Valuables and Enjoy!

Now just put in some valuables and enjoy your home made book safe. Hope you liked my method, and thanks for sticking along! Thanks to Bitter Blade Co for sharing there idea!