How to Make a Box

Introduction: How to Make a Box

The box that I will be demonstrating how to make will be used for holding pencils, specifically organizing pencils. This box will contain box divider inserts making it easier to organize your pencils, color pencils crayons, etc.

Step 1: Design

To start off, you have to design your box. There are many websites that can help you, the one I specifically used was "" This website designs your box for you, all you have to plug in are the measurements. After you plug in the numbers you download the file. You can't just cut your box right away, you have to edit the box file, this file was edited in gravit.

Step 2: Converting File

After you have edited your file on gravit and made sure that all the pieces fit together. After this, you will log in into Adobe Illustrator and convert your file into an "ai" file making it available to laser cut

Step 3: Laser Cutting

You will plug in your ai file and follow laser cutter instructions. After you followed laser cutter instructions put in the material that will be used to make the box out of, that is wood or acrylic. Once you have chosen the material start the laser cutter and wait for it to its job.

Step 4: Sanding

Once you have glued and put together your box, you sand it. The purpose of sanding your box is to make it smooth, allowing the spray paint to absorb better and for your box to look better overall. Sanding also makes your corners less pointy, giving it a realistic look and making it safer.

Step 5: Spray Painting

After your box has been perfectly sanded, or to your liking, you will paint it using spray paint.

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