How to Make a Brain Hemorrhage Shot

Introduction: How to Make a Brain Hemorrhage Shot

This is an awesomely gross looking shot for halloween! 

Step 1:

Pour in 1 oz of some Peach Schnapps into your Shot Glass.

Step 2:

Add in 1/2 oz of your favorite Irish Cream. It is supposed to float.

Step 3:

Add in a small amount of Grenadine. It should sink to the bottom and will drag some Cream with it.

Step 4:


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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great job, these look really good! I made some of these 5 yrs ago, and they came out pretty good, but I like how yours are very cleanly defined. Your recipe is much easier than the one I had used, so I think I'll try these again, based on your recipe.
    thanks :-)
    Here's some pics of the ones I tried.

    brain drink.jpgbrain drink1.jpg