Introduction: How to Make a Brass Cones

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In this instructable I'm making Brass cones for wooden legs I've found,
Instead of the old and ugly plastic cones that were on it.

This is a really simple and easy method, I'm not a big expert in soldering and I think I've managed pretty well, what do you think?

This is one little step out of a big project I'm working on right now.

In the following Project I will show you what the legs will be used for. Be patient!

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Your support is much appreciated!

Step 1: Legs With the Old Plastic Covers

Step 2: Paper Layout

I took out the layout by trial and error.
I laid paper on the leg And marked the edges with a pencil.

It took me 10 tries to get to the desired result.


Can also be done with 3d software.

And you can do it with this Calculator I recently found:

I did a test with this calculator after I finished the project, And its works great. :)

Step 3: Marking the Brass

I used a brass sheet 0.3 mm thick.

Step 4: Cut

Step 5: Super Fine Sanding

The Surface Must Be Clean Before Soldering !
And it's a lot simpler to sand at this point.

Step 6: Bending the Brass on the Wood

Because the material is thin, you can bend it by hand.

Masking tape used as Third-hand to Keep everything in place.

You need to have a good precision with minimal space
No overlap !

You can use a small hammer to shape the cone.

Step 7: Soldering

Applying paste before soldering.

I used regular electric Soldering iron.

solder a few points and then took off the masking tape and complete the rest.

After the end of the soldering, gently sand the excess of soldering with a file and sanding paper.

Step 8: Protection Spray

Painting with transparent paint for protection.

Step 9: Tools & Materials

All you need is:

  • Soldering iron & soldering paste
  • Tin
  • Little hammer
  • Sanding papers for metal
  • Super fine sanding sponge
  • A file
  • Brass Sheet 0.3 mm
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Layout of the part
  • Pen

Step 10: Done

After the paint dried and the legs were also treated I've glue the cones to the legs with strong glue.

Step 11: A Clue to the Next Project...

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Thank you !

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