How to Make a Burrito #HMS2020

Introduction: How to Make a Burrito #HMS2020

Today, I will be showing you guys how to make a bean and cheese burrito :)


Flour tortillas

Beans (Rosarita)

Shredded Cheese

A stove

A plate

A can opener

A spoon

Step 1: Getting Your Things Ready

First, you get your tortillas, your beans, and your cheese out (put them on your counter). Get your plate and put it somewhere near the stove. Turn the stove on to medium heat.

Step 2: Making the Burrito

First, open your can of beans. Put the beans in a small saucepan and stir it until ready. Be sure to turn off the stove once they're done. Put the tortilla on the stove. After a few seconds, flip the tortilla over. Keep doing this until you like how the tortilla looks. Once you're done heating up the tortilla, get your beans and evenly spread them on the tortilla. Put the cheese on top of the beans.

Step 3: Rolling Up Your Burrito

Now it's time to roll the burrito up. Fold the burrito at the bottom, then you roll it up. There. Now you made your own

Step 4: Le Conclusion :D

So you just made a burrito. You flipped the tortilla, you put your beans and cheese on the tortilla and wrapped it. Although, there were some things that went wrong. The spoon got hot while I was making the beans and I burned my finger against the metal. So do yourself a favor and avoid these problems. Otherwise, congratulations. :)

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