How to Make a Candle Out of a Can

Introduction: How to Make a Candle Out of a Can

Hello and welcome to my Instructable!

Today I will be showing you a nice DIY way of making a candle that could be used as a gift or just as decoration.

I will guide you through the whole process needed for the creation of the Candle to ensure that no mistakes can happen.


All the materials needed are extremely important and essential for the project.

- Materials needed -

A scalpel or somewhat sharp Knife, a can wide enough to fit your candle inside, a candle, preferably a pointy metal rod, a printer, some tissue or toilet paper, sandpaper, scissors and a lighter

The can you choose is also massively depended on preference you can use a soda can but also a normal can like I did.

Step 1: Drying Out the Can

The first step is to dry out the can which you want to use for your design.

This step is crucial to the making of your design because if your can had any types or liquids inside of it that weren't dried correctly it could create a massive mess splashing all the excess soda or general lquid on your materials or even just your table which would take ages to clean up.

To dry the liquid from the can you need to place a tissue paper onto something safe and somewhere where it wouldn't bother nobody. Furthermore you would then have to turn the can around and place it onto the tissue paper and leave it there for a few minutes, however the time it takes for a can to dry out also massively depends on what type of can it is. For example if you are using a soda can it would approximately take around 1 to 2 hours while if you use a can like I did it would only take around 10 to 20 minutes.

Step 2: Finding a Picture You Want to Use for Your Design and Printing It Out

Some people might already have an idea of what picture they would want to use while others might have absolutely no idea on what picture or theme to use, and since finding a picture is extremely important I suggest that when the can is drying that the people completely unsure about what picture or theme to use and portray find one.

There are a massive amount of themes to use for such a present but some great suggestions would be a reminder of a family event such as a wedding, or something more simple like a picture of the person's face you want to gift it to.

If you have found your picture you should upload it onto something like a google drive document so that you could size it properly before printing it out.

(Remember your picture shouldn't be too complicated the simpler the easier)

Step 3: Puncturing Your Picture Onto the Can

You will need to tape your printed out picture onto the can and puncture its outline and important details.

Those important details include

  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Ears ( if the image is simple enough)

When piercing into the can you will have to be extremely careful since it's extremely crucial for the can not to be deformed.


Step 4: Cutting Open the Bottom of the Can

The last and most significant step is to cut open the bottom of the can where you will then be able to put your candle inside.

This step is so crucial because if you make any mistakes the whole entire project could be ruined leading you having to start over again.

This means that is process is extremely slow indicating that you will have to have a ton of patience before attempting this step, however you can take breaks in between so it shouldn't be too complicated even for people with a short span of patience.

When finished you should take your sandpaper (preferably 80 - 160 grit) and sand down the edges so that nobody would cut themself with it.

However, if you are not using a soda can which needs to be cut open and are rather using a can with its bottom already open you just need to puncture around 5 to 10 holes on the top so that the candle doesn't burn out.

Step 5: The End

After completing all those steps I am happy to announce that you have successfully made your own DIY candle out of a simple can.

Now you can test it out just place your candle under it and light it up and see how it looks. If you like it pack it up as a gift or just place it somewhere as decoration and wait for your roommates or families reactions when they see it!

Thank you for reading my instructable and any feedback would be massively appreciated!

(the foto used : “Check out Inoreloaded's Entry in $30.00 USDcontest Simple Face Drawing (Sample Provided) on” Freelancer,

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