Introduction: How to Make a Candle From an Orange

I show how to make a candle out of an orange. This is a quick and simple project that only takes a few minutes and has beautiful results. The orange candle will last a few hours and give off a nice aromatic sent. This candle can be used during a power outage when regular candles are not available. It can be done not only with an orange but also grapefruit, or lemon, and almost any type of oil. The fruit is hollowed out and the middle stem used as a wick. After hollowing it out, it is filled with vegetable or olive oil then the wick can be ignited.

Step 1: ​Materials

- Cooking oil/lamp oil

- Orange

- Cup

- Knife

- Spoon.

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)