Introduction: How to Make a Car Power Inverter - 12V TO 230V

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In the following video I will explain how to build a voltage converter that will provide you with a 230V electrical voltage inside your car. It's just a great thing! I've been working with this a lot now that I finally have the power to run electric tools in the car. This device knows how to make the existing electrical voltage in your car (12V) just like the one in your home. The power converter built here in the video can easily replace the big noisy generator you probably know and provide you with the same electrical power you need in a quiet, clean and environmentally friendly way.

Step 1: Get a UPS System

To build the device, you very much want to get a UPS system whose battery is destroyed or no longer working. If you're lucky you'll find one.

Step 2: Remove the Battery

Next, open the device and remove the old battery, you will not need it anymore.

Step 3: Removing the Speaker

Next, remove the speaker, it's very important to do that! Otherwise, the device will not stop beeping while entering work. The removal of the Speaker must be done by soldering iron. Heat the contacts while pulling the speaker out.

Step 4: Connect a Power Cable

Next, drill a small hole to insert a feed cable from the car's accumulator. After making a hole, you can connect the spark plug cable directly to where the old UPS battery was connected

Step 5: Electric Socket Connection

Now connect a cable that will supply the electrical voltage coming out of the converter.

Step 6:

Now you can go to your vehicle and run the converter. pay attention! If you're not an electrician, don't mess with electricity! It can cause disaster!

Step 7: Watch the Entire Build Process in the Video