Introduction: How to Make a Jammin Jellyfish Costume in a Jiff

This instructable was started because of a school project. The project was to make a flat pack costume out of cardboard. The costume had to fit a child age 10-13. Our group chose the theme nektons, so i made a jellyfish costume.

Design Brief: Make a flat pack costume out of cardboard using only slotted construction.

Specs: The costume is made for a child in middle school, around ages 10-13, and can is made only of cardboard.

Limits: The costume can only be made of cardboard using no adhesives to hold it together.

1. Cardboard

1. Ruler
2. Box Cutter/ Utility Knife
3. Cutting Mat

1. Tentacles
2. Body Piece 1
3. Body Piece 2

Step 1: Making the Tentacles

Making the tentacles (P1):

1. Measure out a 15" by 2" rectangle with a ruler (T1)

2. Cut it out of the cardboard with a utility knife (T2)

Step 2: Making the First Body Piece

To make the first body piece (P2):

1. Measure out two 25" X 10" pieces.

2. Cut out the pieces with the utility knife (T2).

3. After they are cut out make an 8" slit starting from the bottom 1" from the edge. 

4. Now, make 3 evenly spaced 2" slits centered, between the two 8" slits.

Step 3: Making the Second Body Piece (Final Piece)

Making the second body piece (P3):

1. Start by drawing two 25" X 10" pieces on the cardboard (M1).

2. Cut out the two pieces with your utility knife (T2).

2.Make a circle with a 6" diameter centered in the rectangle.

3.Then, make two 2" slits centered on either side of the cardboard.

Step 4: Assembly

There are only a few steps to put the jellyfish together.

You should at this point have all of the pieces that are in the following image (Plus another "body piece 1" that i forgot to put in the picture)

Assembling the costume:

1. Slide the two pieces with the 8" slits onto the pieces with the circles cut out

2. Bend the tentacles 3" down

3. Slide the short end of the tentacles into the 2" slits made in the body pieces

4. Put on the costume!