Introduction: How to Make a Carousel Costume

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We got a new puppy in September and knew right away that we wanted to coordinate this year's costumes with our dog. We decided to create coordinating circus themed costumes for each one of us. The dog became our lion, my son became a Ringmaster, my husband became a Human Cannonball, and I became a Carousel. This Instructable shows you step by step how I created my Carousel Costume.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools Needed

One sheet of 1/2" EPS Foam (found at Hardware Store)

Hot wire cutter to cut foam

Heavy Guage Wire for center core framework

Welding Machine and welding rods to construct center core framework

2 Yards of Spandex fabric for circle skirt

1 Yard of fabric for covering center form

1 Yard of Spandex fabric for covering bottom ring and making waist band

1 zipper for skirt

sewing machine and thread

12 toy horses and/or animals

(12) 1/4" wooden dowel rods cut to 10" lengths

Drill and 1/4" drill bit

E600 adheasive

Foam adheasive

Low Temperature glue and glue gun

Craft Paint or spray paint for dowel rods and mirrors

Mirror board or silver foil paper glued to cardstock

(6) laser cut wooden frames (less than 10" tall)

One set of battery powered fairy lights and batteries

Command Clips

Sticky Backed Velcro

Step 2: Construct Center Frame

Weld two 12" metal rings and connect them with (6) 10" long welded wires evenly spaced around the rings. Weld washers on the lower ring to hold the bottom of the foam ring onto the frame.

Step 3: Cut and Assemble Outer Rings

Cut (3) rings from 1/2" EPS foam (found at local hardware store). Cut outer circle diameter to 28" and inner circle diameter to 12" (size of your welded inner ring shown in step 1). Place one foam ring on top and the other two on the bottom of the center frame.

Step 4: Cut Circle Skirt Fabric

Cut circle skirt from fabric. Fold 2 yards of fabric in half, then fold fabric in half again. Measure down 6 1/2" from top right corner and mark the semi circle to form the inner circle in your fabric. Measure down 13 1/8" from the inner circle and mark the outer diameter semi cirle line. Cut fabric at those lines to form the circle skirt piece.

Step 5: Make Waist Pattern

Make pattern to form the high wasit (top piece of your skirt). Cut fabric and check for tight fit to your waist.

Step 6: Sew Waist, Sew Waist to Circle Skirt, Slip Over Top Ring.

Sew high waist piece to inner diameter of circle skirt and sew a zipper into the back of the skirt. Place skirt over top foam ring piece and use stick pins to adjust the skirt all the way around the foam ring to hold them as you pull it evenly around the outer edge of the top foam ring. Secure with low temperature hot glue gun.

Step 7: Cover Center Frame and Cover Bottom Ring

Use spray adheasive to adhear fabric to a poster board that you cut to fit around the wire frame. Secure fabric covered sleeve with velcro. Cover bottom ring with desired fabric by using spray adheasive and low temperature glue gun where needed.

Step 8: Make Curved Mirrors for Center Frame

Steam laser cut photo frames and form them over a cylinder with hose clamps to curve them. (I used my metal trash can for my forming cylinder). Paint frames to desired color. Cut mirror board to fit frames and glue the mirrors to the backside of the frames with E6000 adheasive. Once mirrors are assembled, glue them around center core frame with E6000 adheasive.

Step 9: Add Lights to Bottom of Upper Foam Ring

Add battery powered lights to bottom of upper foam ring using Command Clips. Attach battery box for lights with adheasive backed velcro.

Step 10: Add Toy Animals to Carousel

Drill Toy Animals in center and insert 10" painted dowel rods through them. Drill holes at top and bottom of foam rings to insert the animals on poles into the skirt. Use foam adheasive to secure at top and bottom. Gather skirt with needle and thread to make "Swags" all the way around. Embellish outside of lower ring with trim or ribbon if so desired.

Step 11: Enjoy Your Finished Carousel Costume!

The carousel costume is ready to wear with your desired shirt. I chose to wear mine with a halter top and corset.

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