Introduction: How to Make a Castle

This will teach you how to make a castle

Step 1: Building the Castle Towers

Get cubes and change them to the colour grey, then put them into a 4 by 4

Step 2:

Duplicate the 4 by 4 and click and pull the arrow up so the 4 by 4 is above the other 4 by 4

Step 3:

Copy it another 6 times

Step 4:

Add a yellow cubes to the top and make them a 4 by 4

Step 5:

Put 4 yellow cubes in the centre and move them above the 4 by 4

Step 6:

Copy the grey cube(7th one up) and flatten the cube. Then turn it the colour brown and copy that around the 4 by 4 castle tower

Step 7:

Make the flattened brown cubes out 3 times then add a small rectangular one and lift it a bit above the flatterned brown cubes.

Step 8:

Group the castle tower and copy and paste in each corner.

Step 9: Building the Wall

Then ungroup the towers and copy then put a cube line across. Then stretch out and stretch up to 2 blocks away from the brown platform and group then copy to all bits of the castle and ungroup.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Flatten a cube to ground height inside the castle then stretch it out in all corners of the castle. Then just decorate add a doors add trees to the inside to make it better.

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