Introduction: How to Make a Center-Pull Tissue Dispenser on the Cheap

This instructable explains how to use an old plastic coffee can and a roll of toilet paper to make a center-pull tissue dispenser.

Step 1: Things You Should Probably Have...

     1: EMPTY old plastic coffee can
     2: A roll of toilet paper

     1: X-acto knife.
     2: there is no 2.

Step 2: The Container

Turn the coffee can upside-down.
Using the X-acto knife, cut a round hole in the center.  About the size of my ring finger should suffice.
Cut 8 slits emanating, equidistant, from the center of the round hole.  It should now look like a star, kind of. Pretty.

Step 3: Tissue

Pull the cardboard tube out of the middle of the toilet paper.
Gently pull the toilet paper up from the center to get a bit of a wick (do NOT light it on fire).

Step 4: Final Assembly

Take the lid off of the coffee can.
Take the wick and pull it from the INSIDE of the coffee can, through the hole you created, to the OUTSIDE of the coffee can.
Put the roll of toilet paper in the coffee can.
Put the lid back on the coffee can.
Flip it over.
YAY, tissue dispenser!

Optional: you may paint/mod podge/bedazzle your new dispenser as you see fit.