Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Vocaloid Concert

There are many people who love Vocaloid but don't have the budget to go for a concert. Today, I'll solve your problem! You can now have Vocaloid concerts at home and you can even choose what song to use!

Step 1: Prepare...

. ...A device that can access YouTube.

. ...A sheet of single tempered glass bigger than the screen. (Double tempered glass has two layers and will make two Vocaloids)

Step 2: Turn on Your Device And...

... Go to YouTube. Type in "Vocaloid hologram ready" and select a video. Fullscreen it and turn off subtitles. Wait for the Vocaloid to appear. Pause the video.

(Hologram ready videos should look like the one above. It should have no shadows below the Vocaloid. It has to have a black background and if needed, special effects. Keep in mind that some special effects may not show up on your "hologram".)

Step 3: Take the Sheet of Glass And...

... Position it so that it reflects the screen of your device. Check the glass to see if it can reflect the entire Vocaloid. If it doesn't, get a bigger sheet of glass. Play the video and look at the reflection on the glass.

If the hologram is too faint, brighten up the screen or move to a darker place.The picture above shows the difference between the amount of light. (It's recorded with a phone, so it's very blurry.) Sadly, the hologram can only be seen from the front...

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