Introduction: How to Make a Cheap and Simple Vacuum Chamber

This is a tutorial to make a cheap and simple Vacuum chamber from a mason jar. This can be used to stabilize wood.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:
A canning jar with a steel lid,
A soldering iron,
Some solder,
A few centimeters of Brass pipe,
A Drill,
A drill bit of the same size of the brass pipe

Step 2: Let's Begin

Drill a hole through the lid and sand some of the paint around the hole away for soldering

Step 3: Solder the Brass Pipe Into the Hole

Solder the Brass pipe into the hole using some solder and the soldering iron at about 35°C (662°F)

Step 4: Finished

Now just screw the lid on and hook it up to your vacuum pump (I use a modified bike pump which reaches up to 20mbar of absolute vacuum pressure)

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Step 5: Safety

I don't take any responsibility for damages or injuries for example if the jar implodes. if you are using anything bigger than 500ml as a vacuum chamber, please make sure that the first time(s) you try it, you put it in a container or use safety gear in case it implodes to me minimize the risk of injuries.

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