Introduction: How to Make a Chop Block

Step 1: Make a Piece of Triangle Would

This is to make sure all the boards are straight this used kind of use like a jig

Step 2: Get Bamboo Wood

I just used some old flooring laying around

Step 3: Level It Out

This is to make sure the boards are perfectly straight and so you could cut your meat perfectly

Step 4: Making Sure It All Fits

Use a rubber hammer to hit the pieces of wood together to get the size that you want

Step 5: Gluing the Pieces

I glued the pieces together with gorilla glue and I didn't have any big clamps so I just use some ties straps

Step 6: Putting It Altogether

Take the two that you glued together and the other two you glue together and glue all of them together

Step 7: Waiting It Down

I used a pack of water bottles to flatten the wood before the glue was completely dry this way the boards are flat and you can fit it on any surface

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