Introduction: How to Make a Circuit Board at Home

About: I'm mohammad a civil engineer from IRAN, I know english a little, i love work with cnc laser and made my own plan for fun.
First print your plan on a paper by laser jet type of printers

Step 1: Print Your Plan on the Paper by Laser Printer in the Mirror Plan

Step 2: PCB Board

Cut the fiber to the required size of the map

Step 3: Washing Grease and Waste From PCB Board

Befor anything wash surface of the board after cutting

Step 4: Paste the Paper Map on the Copper Fiber Section

Step 5: Heating by an Hot Iron

Press hot iron onto paper with out fog !

Step 6: Cleaning the Board After Ironing

After making sure the map is pasted on the pcb, gently peel off the paper and gently peel off the sticky paper with water.

Step 7: Repair Incomplete Parts of the Map

Step 8: Working With Acid

Use of perchlorophoric acid to eliminate unnecessary parts
Shake the bowl slowly while working with the acid
Wear eye protection and gloves when working with acid

Step 9: Final Time

After finishing the acid work, wash the piece with water and remove the varnish and colored materials with a wire scotch.

Step 10: Drilling Time

Drilling the base holes of the circuit parts

Step 11: Finish Time

board is reedy to assemble the circuits parts