Introduction: How to Make a Clay Baby Dragon.

This is one of my first clay project here so I'm a little rusty on the pictures. In this tutorial I will be making a clay baby dragon, so let's get started.

Step 1: What You Will Be Needing.

Really all you need is a lump of clay. Color is your choice, but I chose red because dragons go well with red. This project isn't the hard at all unless you have clumsy fingers.

Step 2:

Break the lump of clay into nine parts like what's shown above.

Step 3: Head

For your head of the dragon, I want you to smash it to a almost flat and smooth rectangle.

Step 4: Head

Then, I want you to make the ends of the rectangle narrow so you can see the jaws forming. Afterwards, pinch the sides of the back of the head and smooth it out for the horns.

Step 5: Wings & Tail

Now, put the head down and add some black dots for the eyes. Then, with your thumbs, smash the balls of clay for the wings down to make the wings. After that, with the clay for the tail, curve it upwards in detail.

Step 6: Final Steps

Make the ball of clay form the body sit up, then add the arms and legs. Then the tail, wings and finally the head. That's it, you're done!

Step 7: