Introduction: How to Make a Cloves Lei Xx

You can make this nice Lei in 10min.

Step 1: The Things You Need

You will need
- about 40 flowers (cloves or any other kind you like)
- a scissor
- a needle
- string (depends on the size you want your Lei)

Step 2: Cutting the Heads

Cut the head of flowers as high as each other

Step 3: Continue the Last Step Again & Again

Do the last step for all the flowers and try to put them too close to each other , then they wont round or go out of shape .
Then tie the end of string to its begining to finish your work ;)

Step 4: Now Start ;)

Try to put the needle into the flower
As you can find needls head from the other side of the flower easier if you put the need into the petals ; I suggest you do this order ! Not the upside down way :P

Step 5: Put Them in Order

Design the way you wanna put the colors by moving them and find the best collection

Step 6: Its Ready to Use <3

Now you can wear your nice craft , shine in everywhere you go and be the Unique girl :*