Introduction: How to Make a Coca-Cola Truck With DC Motor - Simple Coca-Cola Truck

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Hi guys, welcome to my new project : Coca-Cola Truck. In this article, I will show you How to Make a Coca-Cola Truck with DC motor.

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Step 1: Tools Need

1. DC Motor

2. Two Coca Cola Can

3. Battery

4. Bottle Caps

5. Glue Gun

6. Cardboard

7. Knife

8. Wheel

9. Pinium

10. Straw

11. Sticks

12. Seassor

Step 2: Attached Pinium

First of all you need to attached pinium with a sticks and straw and attached with cardboard. See the picture.

Step 3: ADD Wheel With Sticks

Add two wheel with sticks using glue gun.

Step 4: Add DC Motor With Pinium

Now add dc motor with pinium using glue gun.

Step 5: Add Another Wheel

Now make another wheel and add it to coca cola can as like picture.

Step 6: Make a Truck Head Part

Then make a truck head part with cardboard and glue gun and attached it to truck.

Step 7: Now Add Coca Cola Can With Truck

Now add coca cola can with truck with glue gun.

Step 8: Add Another Wheel With Another Can

Then Add another wheel with another can and add it to back side of the truck using glue gun.

Step 9: Add Battery Back Side of the Coca Cola Can.

Now Add battery back side of the coca cola can using glue gun.

Step 10: Your Truck Is Ready to Run

Now your truck is ready to run and enjoy it.
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Step 11: