Introduction: How to Make a Completely Custom Card

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I've always had a really hard time finding the right cards for the right people when I go to the store and look around at the already made cards. So, simple solution, I made my own! (plus, it adds that personal touch that everyone loves and it shows someone you took time out of your day for them. Definite +)

Step 1: Supplies

Start by getting all the supplies you'll need for the project. I usually only need:

- scissors
- glue stick
- newspaper
- construction paper
- card stock

But you can also decide to do different elements in the card that would require:

- glitter
- hole punch
- spray paint

Step 2: Plan Out the Design of the Card

It's always good to start out with a good design. Do some research on the web and try to come up with some creative ideas. Draw the ideas out on a piece of paper as thumbnails and then elaborate on one of the ideas.

Step 3: Cut Out Background of Card

Place your cardstock onto the construction paper and cut around it, making sure to leave enough space at the ends of the card so when you fold it, it doesn't come up short. After you have cut it, glue it down with the glue stick.

Step 4: Cut Out the Other Elements of the Card

Now that the background is out of the way, you can get started on the fun part! Start cutting out the shapes you have planned out in your design and make sure everything sizes up on the card (if you have trouble making things proportioned to the size of the card, its always a good idea to use templates)

Step 5: Rough Layout

Once you have everything cut out, lay the elements of the card onto the surface of the card. DO NOT GLUE ANYTHING YET!!!! This is just so you have a good idea if everything looks good and gives you a good idea of how you are going to be gluing things down.

Step 6: GLUE!

Now comes the fun part! Take everything off and start gluing things together and onto the card.

Step 7: Repeat Steps for Inside of Card

Let the card dry and then repeat all the steps for the inside of the card. After that, you are ready to give it away! And obviously this isn't just for holiday, but for any occasion. Just have fun with it!

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