Introduction: How to Make a Cone

I use this method to make cones of a specific size, I mostly use it to make templates for metal or fabric.

Step 1: Draw a Profile of the Cone You Want to Make

Draw a profile of the cone you want to make. I usually use card stock as it is a bit more durable, but use whatever you have around.

Step 2: Extend Cone, If Needed

If you drew a full cone please disregard

Step 3: Label Your Cone

Label the base A and B and the apex D. Or not is up to you

Step 4: Set a Compass

Set a compass to DB

Step 5: Draw an Arc

Using D as your center, draw an arc from B, make it longer than you might think

Step 6: Measure AB

Measure AB, mine was 1 3/4

Step 7: Multiply AB Times Pi

for me this was 1.75x3.14=5.495, I just rounded to 5.5

Step 8: Measure Arc

You want your arc to be the sum of ABxPi. In my case 5.5 inches, so I use a piece of string to measure it.

Step 9: Lay String on Arc

Lay string on arc and mark 5.5 inches

Step 10: Draw Line From Mark to D

For my cone it was from 5.5 along the arc to D

Step 11: If You Did Not Have a Full Cone

Set compass from D to top of cone

Step 12: Draw Top Arc

Connect the arc to the line

Step 13: Cut Out

I used scissors, but use what ever method works for you

Step 14: Full Cone

here is what a full cone would look like

Step 15: Truncated Cone

here is the truncated version

Step 16: Work the Paper

you might have to roll it around a bit to get it into shape. I mostly use for templates for fabric or metal so I dont worry too much at this point

Step 17: Ta Da


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