Introduction: How to Make a Cookie Cat Keychain

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Hello! Today I'm going to showing you how to make a cookie cat keychain! It's very fun and pretty easy to make! And I'm going to show you every step! When your done you'll be able to attach it to your backpack or your keys! So get out your clay and let's get making!

Step 1: Supplies

To make your cookie cat keychain you'll need:
Brown polymer clay
Red polymer clay(use pink if you have any)
White polymer clay
Some sort of pointy tool for details
A keychain chain

Step 2: Brown Clay

Get you brown clay out and rip some off. Then rip that piece into two equal parts. After you've done that flatten the two equal parts.

Step 3:

Get one of you pieces of brown clay and mush it into an oval shape. Try to smooth out the bumps as best as you can.

Step 4: Eyes

Now for the eyes. The eyes are just holes in the cats head. So use your pointy tool to make the holes. If you have a tool that can pull out clay that would be the best tool for the eyes. But make sure you don't put them too close together. I know I did in the picture but just make sure the eyes are kinda far apart. If you make them too close together just fill in the hole and make another one.

Step 5: Ears

After you've make the eyes get some clay and mold it into the shape of some cat ears. Make sure the ears are the same thickness as the oval.

Step 6: Another Cookie Cat

After you've make the first cookie cat, it's time to make another cookie cat. Follow the same rules as the first one. try to make it the same size as the first cookie cat.

Step 7: Two Cookie Cats

After you have your two cookie cats it's time for the filling.

Step 8: Pink Clay

If you have some pink clay you can skip this step. If you don't then keep reading. To make pink clay you need to have some red and white clay. Get some red and some white and mix them together. After a minute of mixing, the clay should turn pink.

Step 9: Filling

Now stick your pink clay on your cookie cat if there's not enough, make some more! Make sure it goes on half of the cookie cat. But make sure you look at a picture of cookie cat. Notice that the pink is on the right side. So to make our cookie cat keychain you need to put it on the left side so when you turn it around it looks like it's on the right side. Make sure you put the pink on your cookie cat ears too!

Step 10: Time for the Cookie

Put some white clay on the other side of the cookie cat. Make sure the pink and the white are even. Add some more clay if you need to. After both sides are even take your other cookie cat and stick it to the other cookie cat like a sandwich.

Step 11: Almost Done

Don't worry your almost done. To make it a keychain we need to make a loop to put the keychain chain into.

Step 12: Loop

To make your loop get some brown clay. The same brown that used for your cookie cat. And then get your keychain chain and put the brown clay around your keychain chain to measure it. Make sure there's a little space so you can move the chain. Take the chain out of the loop and stick the loop to your cookie cat.

Step 13: Time to Bake

Now it's time to bake your cookie cat. Or whatever you need to do to make your cookie cat harden. So just do what you need to do. The clay that I use is bakeable clay. So I'm going to bake mine.

Step 14: Congratulations!

After you've baked your clay or waited for it to harden your done!!! Put the keychain chain into your loop and your done!!! You have successfully made your own custom cookie cat keychain! Now you can hook it to your backpack or your keys!