How to Make a Cool Pinwheel




Introduction: How to Make a Cool Pinwheel

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Make a pinwheel with the use of an aluminum can!!

Let's Upcycle!!

Step 1: Materials



•a pen

•a utility knife

•a ruler

•a drill

•a template model

•a wire

•an aluminum can

Step 2: Make Wire Circle

Make wire circle.

Step 3: Grows in Top and Bottom

It grows in top and bottom.

Step 4: Pierce a Head

Pierce a head of the canned aluminum with a drill.

Step 5: 16 Equally Divided

16 equally divided

Step 6: Draw a Line

Draw a line using the template model.

Step 7: Don’t Spend

Don’t spend too much time on it

Step 8: Cut the Aluminum Can

Cut the aluminum can with the cutter

Step 9: Open With Pliers

Open with pliers

Step 10: Smash

Smash the canned aluminum

Step 11: Let Wire Go Through

Let wire go through.

Step 12:

You finished it!!


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