How to Make a Corsage (Punk-style)




Introduction: How to Make a Corsage (Punk-style)

Who wants to be a pretty-prom-princess when you can be the...uh-hem, bad girl? Try this corsage, which can be made from either fake or real flowers.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

What you really need is a base. I chose some good, sturdy ribbon to attach the rest of the embellishments to.
You will need:
Black Thread
Ribbon Assortment
Charms, Buttons, Stick-ons: whatever floats your boat
Hot glue gun and glue
Silk or Real flowers
Black velcro pieces
Black material that doesn't fray

Step 2: Make the Glove

Using your chosen material, make a round tube that fits your arm. (I used an embroidered netting from the fabric store.)This piece should be fairly square. Sew the two edges together to make the tube. Try it on, re-sewing the hand area to taper it off. If you use a decorated material, your mistakes won't show as much. The seam will be on the inner part of your arm.
Once you can see where your thumb should go, cut a small hole and re-fit. If you want, you can add some velvet ribbon to the end for some drama.
(Another idea would be to use an old glove from a thrift-store.)

In this picture, the front of the glove is pointing down, and you can see the thumb hole.

Step 3: Making the Base and Fastener

Now start on the base. It's perfectly fine to use a pre-made bow, as long as it can hold some weight. (I will use a pre-made bow in my next Instructable corsage.)

Take a piece(about 5-7 inches) of the wide ribbon, and fold both ends toward the middle. Staple, or hand-sew it together.

Cut a piece of the leather-like ribbon and fit it snuggly around your arm, or wrist, whichever is more comfortable.
Sew velcro pieces to the ends. Make sure it fits before you secure it to the base ribbon.

I attached the strap to the base ribbon with 2 staples.

(Note: I forgot to add it when making the first bow, so the pictures don't show the strap after this step until the end.)

Step 4: Make the Flower Mounts

Using 2 pieces of the leather-like ribbon again, make 2 loops. Cut the ends at an angle and tack together with hot glue, or sew them. The size of your loops will depend on how big your flower is.

Take a 3rd piece and cross over the front. Tack with hot glue, or use thread.

Step 5: Add the Flower Mounts to the Base

Take all the greenery off the flowers you are using, except for the stem. Cut the stems short, leaving just enough for the hot glue to fasten it. Place the main flower between the two loops that are beside each other, and hot glue together.

Either sew all the loops to the base, or hot glue.

I'm missing a picture between, but it isn't that complicated.
Make a small ring out of the feather ribbon, or any other fluffy ribbon you choose. (I happened to find this in the Christmas section of the craft store, even though it's August.)

Hot glue the circle to the center of the base, covering the leather-like loops. Be careful of your fingers. I used a scrap piece of satin ribbon to push the feather ribbon down on the glue.

Position the other 2 flowers, and then hot glue them into the center of the feather circle. You will be using lots of glue to do this. Don't worry, the feathers cover up any mistakes.

For fresh flowers, it would be best to wrap the ends in floral tape before you hot-glue them. You can get floral tape at Wally-world.....AKA Walmart.

Step 6: Glue on the Chain

Wrap the chain between the top and bottom of the base, going between the ribbons. Hot glue in place.

You want to leave enough length so your arm fits through, and the chain hangs down a bit.

Step 7: Put the Rest of the Embellishments On

This is the fun part. I found some buttons with skulls on them for the front and sides. I also dug through some old beads, hot glued them together, and then hot glued them to the flowers. I used stick-on red jewels as well.
Anything that reflects your personality would be fun here.

(I didn't end up using the skeleton pieces.)


Put the glove over your hand, and strap the corsage over it. The chain is underneath, and will show as you wear it. Have fun!!!!

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Sweet! I'd still have voted for using some of the skeleton bits, but perhaps that will show up in a later Instructable.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I wish this Instructable had been around for my prom.

    Thanks. If you see anything missing, or don't understand, let me know. It took all day to make, take the photos, and get it up on Instructables. (I made another one too.) I have a new respect for those who publish on here.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    for a first instructable this is pretty detailed and has good picture