How to Make a Corsage (Simple)

Introduction: How to Make a Corsage (Simple)

Ok, I promise this is the LAST one. I realized how big the others were and thought maybe some people would want a smaller one. Certainly, you can punk this out as well.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
Ribbon Assortment
Glue GUn & Sticks
Needle & Thread
Fake flower

Clear, Stretch Thread

Some kind of Artistic design that's flat
(I used a sheer butterfly.)

Whenever I say "glue," I mean hot glue.

Step 2: Prepare Flowers

I'm using fake flowers. Using fresh flowers is much prettier, but is a completely different process. I'll explain at the end.

Choose a flower that will flatten out, and remove the green. I cut off the stem, but will be re-using it.

(I showed the pink in the beginning, but switched to the yellow with green ribbon.)

Step 3: Glue Pieces in Place

Position the flower, turn it over, and glue the stem flat on the back.

Glue on the butterfly, using a scrap piece of wide, satin ribbon to push it against the back of the flower.

Now, glue on the baby's breath.

Step 4: Making the Ribbons

I sewed a 7" piece of thin, green ribbon at the ends, and glued to the back, but you could skip sewing it and just glue it.

Next, tie a 24" piece of sheer, green ribbon around the stem.

Use a 15" piece of sheer, medium width, yellow ribbon to make the bow for the stem. The sheer allows you to move it around as you tighten it, and doesn't show mistakes. Once the ribbon is secure, cut the ends off, and tack it with a tiny bit of hot glue.

I took another piece of thin, green ribbon, glued a dragonfly bead on the front, and glued it to the back of the flower.

Step 5: Making a Backing

By this time, the back of the flower looks pretty gnarley. Cut a small piece of velcro and glue it to the back of the flower, covering the mess in the middle.

Step 6: Making the Bracelet

This is a different way to secure the corsage.

Use clear, stretch thread to measure around your arm. Leave yourself some extra, so you can tie it off. (You can find this in the bead section of crafts at the store.)

Lace whatever beads you want, just make sure they have a large diameter opening, or they'll be a pain to string up.

Don't tie it up just yet. Using the opposite side of velcro, make a "tube" bead. Take a square piece of velcro, fold it over, and put a small line of glue near the edge. Hold until dry, then string it onto the thread and tie off.

(Please forgive the one bad picture.)

Your corsage can now be placed in whatever position is comfortable.

Step 7: Finished


As I promised in step 2, I'll tell you how to make the fresh flower corsage.
You'll have to dump the glue gun, and opt for florist wire and tape.

Get a sturdy, yet elegant flat flower. You can leave the stem and leaves on.

The butterfly, backside ribbons, and baby's breath all have to be wired. Bend a piece of wire, hook it through the pieces, and twist it around so each piece has it's own stem.
Position them with the stem of the flower, and wrap in florist tape. You can do the ribbons and bow around the stem in the same way as this Instructable.
Glue a piece of velcro (opposite to the bracelet) to the tape covering the stem.

This will be a more delicate corasge, but will look very pretty.

I've seen some new fake flowers that are very real looking, but cost way more.

Ok, enough of the corsages!

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