Introduction: How to Make a Corsage, Threadbanger

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You can't pick up your Prom date without the essential corsage. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own out of recycled fabric you have lying around the house. No need to go to the store and this lasts forever! See the video below for the full tutorial and the following steps for an extended guide.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you'll need:

Some lace
A pair of old jeans
A men's white button up
Some fuse-able interfacing
A bit of muslin or scrap fabric
A needle and thread
Some sort of cutting tool
A handy dandy threadbanger Janome sewing machine
An iron
About 34 minutes of your time

Step 2: Cut Out Fuse-able Interfacing, Iron on Scrap Fabric

Grab your fuse-able interfacing and scrap fabric.
Cut out a piece that's about 3 inches by 8 inches.
Lay the shiny glue side of your interfacing face up and place you scrap fabric on top of it.
Flip it over and iron for a few seconds.

Step 3: Fold You Fabric in Half, Draw and Stich Around a 2 Inch Circle

Once your interfacings been fused fold your fabric in half and draw a circle roughly 2 inches in diameter.
Take it over to your sewing machine and trace your circle with a straight stitch

Cut out the circle along the stitch.
You now have your corsage base!

Step 4: Attach the Elastic Like a Band

Next take your elastic and cut off about 6 inches.
Head back to your sewing machine and attach it to the middle of the base like a loop. This will be what your date puts on her wrist.

Put the base with attached elastic wrist cuff aside.

Step 5: Measure, Chalk and Cut Out a Rectangle From Your Button-up

Grab your button up and measure, chalk and cut out a rectangle that's roughly 24 inches by 4 inches. (You may need to play with the width and length to get the look you are going for.)

This is going to be your flower.

Step 6: Roll the Fabric Rectangle Into a Flower

Next take your rectangle, fold in half long ways, hot dog style and press the seam with
an iron.

Head back to the sewing machine , set yourself a long and loose stitch length and begin to sew up the open side. Make sure not to lock your stitch when you begin. Once you reach the bottom leave yourself some long tail threads.

Once sewn, take the bobbin thread and begin to rouche your rectangle carefully pulling and pushing to scrunch up your fabric.

Once you got a circle shape slowly begin to roll your fabric up from one end to the other. The tighter you roll the more open your flower will be.

Step 7: Make Your Leaves From the Old Jeans

Take out the old jeans or any fabric really, and chalk and cut out two leaf shapes.
Make sure each leaf has a significant opening at its end.

Flip them, right sides together, and sew along the edges leaving the bottom open. You're doing this so you can turn them inside out.

Once you've finished take out the iron one more time and press them flat.

Step 8: Attach Everything Together

Alright now its time to attach everything.
Remember that lace; cut a piece off and use it as your bedding. It's always a good idea to ask about your date's dress color so you can match the elements of your corsage.
Adjust and sew onto the base.

Next up attach your 2 leaves to the base.

Finally, attach the flower where you'd like it and began to hand sew it down.

As an after thought we figured it might be cool to even add a decorative stitch to those leaves and make em really stand out, as seen here drawn in chalk.

Time to give it away!

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