How to Make a Counter-clockwise Clock (in Under 10 Minutes!)




Introduction: How to Make a Counter-clockwise Clock (in Under 10 Minutes!)

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Yet another one in my series of undesirable presents. May I present: the completely useless clock if you´re, like me, used to tell time by looking at the position of the clock pointers instead of looking at the numbers.

This is a simple yet fun project, which is particularly suitable as a quickly made present or fun gift.

Step 1: Materials

  • A clock
  • Paper (Optional)

Indicated costs: 5 to 10 dollars.

The only thing you really need for this project is a clock! I bought two clocks, a really cheap one to screw around with and try things out, and a better looking, more expensive one.

The paper is optional to make a new background.

Step 2: Turning Back Time

Take the clock apart for an easier workplace and open the casing (carefully!)

Make sure the gears stay in place so you can see how they fit and put them back correctly later. If you don't trust yourself with such a big responsibility, take a photo before you remove any of the gears. To make the clock run backwards, we want to take the small metal plate out and turn it over.

First remove all the gears, then carefully take out the copper coil and remove the small metal plate. Flip it over and place it back inside the copper coil. It won't fit as well as it used to, because the pins and holes which keep the copper coil in place aren't aligned anymore, but that's okay.

Put all the gears back in the correct order and close the casing of the clock.

Step 3: Done!

This is how you turn back time! Easy huh?

Optional: I made a new background for the clock, so it is not completely impossible to tell the time.

Please show me your counterclockwise clocks as soon as you made them, I'd love to see them :)

And check out my other Instructable here!

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    5 years ago

    Also known as "Left-handed" clocks. Because Left-handed people are in their right minds!!

    I'm gonna have to try this, thanks! (yeah, I'm Left-handed)