Introduction: How to Make a Creative Mini Robot

You are about to create a mini robot! These are the materials you will need...

-Table Top Robot Kit


-5x5 Wood


-Colored Pencils

Step 1: Gathering the Pieces

Lay out all of your necessary pieces






Step 2: Get the Motor Set Up

Next, you need to grab the motor and look at it thoroughly in order to understand which objects go where.

Step 3: Mounting the Gears

Take the plastic gears provided in the kit and mount them onto the steel poles on the motor. Make sure they are connected correctly.

Step 4: The Battery

In the kit, you will find a battery holder. Take that and place it in an accessible spot along with the physical battery.

Step 5: Mounting the Battery Holder and Adding the Battery

Place the battery holder on the two plastic mounds sticking up and apply the screws. From there, put the battery into the pocket.

Step 6: Assemble the Wiring

Place the two red wires into the circular platform on the left, and the two black wires on the right. Put the cap over them to create a secure current flow.

Step 7: The Gluing

Grab a hot glue gun and a piece of wood to create the exterior design (5"x5").

Step 8: Applying the Wood

Glue a piece of the wood onto the side across from the on/off switch and let it cool.

Step 9: Applying the Wood (2)

Repeat step 8 on the front of the motor.

Step 10: The Flag

Cut out a small piece of paper and place it on the table.

Step 11: Adding the Decorations

Create the American Flag and place it onto a circular piece of wood. Hot glue the product onto the motor. Once you are done with this, apply the rest of your wood around the robot.

Step 12: Finishing the Final Product!!

Now you have an adorable little robot that is fully functional! You can decorate it based on your interests.

Step 13: Here Is the Robot in Action!