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Hi guys,

Today, I will show you how to make a foldable knife with the size as that of a credit card. Why i did that? In few days ago, I had a trip to jungle with my friend in 5 days. All knifves we have were too large. After going home, i searched for a knife that is small but affordable to carry. The I found card sharp, I decided to make my own one.

Check out the video :

Here are the material that you'll need:

- 1 x Hard Plastic Card

- 1 x piece of flat steel

- Tape

- Scissors

- Hot Glue

Step 1: Draw the Shape of Handle

Firstly, You need to draw the shaoe of handle on the plastic card. I will devide the card into 4 parts as in image above. Please keep your mind the ration of those part. This step will require you 1-2 minutes.

Step 2: Cut Them Apart

Cut all parts seperately.

Step 3: Draw Blade on Metal and Cut It Out

Use a peice of metal to make your blade. Here i use s corrugated iron sheet. Draw the blade on that then cut it out

Step 4: Stick Plastic Parts Together

A after having handle part, use tape to stick them together. I recommend electricity tape due to its durability and softness.

Step 5: Stick Blade to the Card

Now you can use hot glue or iron glue to stick the blade to handle. Pay attention to this step, the blade shosuld be glued to the smallest part.

Step 6: Sharpening

In this last step, I recommend a 1000-grits stone to sharpen and smooth your blade. Then you can use a 6000 grit for honing the blade. In sharpening process, you should add some water and oil to make it smootheir and easier. Thank to that you will have a much sharper knife. And be carreful while sharpening because you can hurt yourself. Now, after fisnishing this step, it is high time to enjoy your work.
You can check the video here :

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