Introduction: How to Make a Criss Cross Bracelet With Coral and Turquoise Beads

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This tutorial is about how to make criss cross bracelet.You will need coral beads and turquoise bead. If you love it, hope you can give it a go!

Step 1: Materials Needed in Criss Cross Bracelet Tutorial:

4MM Turquoise Beads

Coral Beads

Tiger Wire

Crimp Beads

Iron Bead Tips

Step 2: Make the Criss Cross Chains for the Bracelet

1st, cut off about 70cm trigger wire, then slide the bead tip onto the middle of wire, and pinch the button;

2nd, slide a turquoise bead onto both wires, slide a coral bead, a turquoise bead onto the right wire, add a coral bead onto the wire again, slide a coral bead onto the left wire, then add a turquoise bead onto both wires again; this is the start of first chain;

Step 3:

2nd, cut another 70cm tiger wire, and do the same with the first one as picture shows, slide a coral bead to the left wire, through the left wire to the turquoise bead on the right wire of the first chain, add another coral bead to the left wire of the second chain;

3rd, slide a coral bead to the right wire of the second chain, thread the two wires of the second chain to a turquoise bead; remember to adjust the places of five coral beads around the turquoise bead as picture shows;

Step 4:

4th, continue to make the rest criss cross chains until get your desired length.

Step 5: Finish Criss Cross Bracelet Tutorial

1st, slide a crimp to both wires of one chain, through the wires back to the crimp, and pinch it;2nd, do another chain end in the same method.

Step 6: The Final Look of the Criss Cross Bracelet Is Like This: