Introduction: How to Make a Crossbow Gauntlet

Today I will show you how to make an Assasin's Creed-style crossbow gauntlet.

Step 1: Parts

For this Instructable, you will need:

  • A mini crossbow (see next step)
  • A slider (see step after next)
  • A flexmeter wristguard
  • Zip ties
  • A hex screwdriver (2.5 mm)
  • A wrench

Step 2: The Crossbow

I already did an Instructable on how to make the crossbow, here is the link:

Step 3: The Slider (parts)

You can buy all the components you need for this project from the Makeblock robotics company (

  • 10x2 hole aluminum beam
  • 12x1 hole aluminum beam
  • L bracket (3x3 version)
  • Rectilinear blocks (they sell in packs of 4 but you only need 2)
  • 4mm nuts
  • 3 M4x14mm screws
  • 2 M4x22mm screws
  • 2 M4x35mm screws

Step 4: Slider Assembly

I marked the parts with tags in the images to make it easier to assemble, but in case that is not enough, here are written instructions:

  1. Fasten the M4x35mm screws to one end of the 10x2 beam with nuts. Tighten.
  2. On the opposite end of the 35mm screws, attach 2 rectilinear blocks and tighten.
  3. Add the M4x22m screws 1 hole down from where you fastened the rectilinear blocks.
  4. Insert the 12x1 beam between the rectilinear blocks. Grease it up a little to reduce friction.
  5. At the back end of the 12x1 beam (the one by the M4x35mm screws), insert one M4x14mm screw and fasten with a nut. Tighten.
  6. Attach the L bracket to the two holes of the 12x1 beam that are outside of ethics's rectilinear blocks. If you want the crossbow to be high above the slider, line up the screws the bottom set of holes on the L bracket. I wanted the crossbow to not be that high above the slider, so I aligned the screws with the second set of holes on the L bracket (that height is the one displayed in the pictures).
  7. Now center the crossbow with the L bracket. Zip tie the crossbow as shown in the the third image.

Step 5: Now for the Wristguard...

Attach the slider with crossbow as shown in the pictures. After that go wild! Just don't injure anybody with this. As a final add-on, I put in a pin between the rectilinear blocks and last hole of the 12x1 beam before the blocks. This keeps the slider from moving when you are walking or when you just don't want it to move. It's not essential, but I found it very useful. As always, Happy Making!