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Introduction: How to Make a Custom Doormat

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Customized doormats are ALL the rage today. And now that we’ve made one, we can see why! While they may seem daunting, we found a super easy way to make your own custom welcome mat using just a few materials. Best of all, this project only takes a couple of hours from start to finish, so all you need is a free evening and a well-ventilated area. :)

Get those creative juices flowing, bust out your cutting machine, and let’s do this!


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Outdoor mat -

Flex Seal Spray (Black) -

Flex Seal Spray (Clear Coat) -

Stencil Blanks (We used Showcase from Hobby Lobby, but these could work too) -

Cutting Machine (I have the Cricut Maker) -

Deep Cut Blade for Cricut -

Straight Pins -

Frog Tape (strong green painter’s tape) -

Drop Cloth -

Respirator Face Mask -

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Step 1: Design and Cut Stencil

Let the fun begin! Just pick a design or saying that you want to have on your outdoor mat, and then get to cutting it! We used the Cricut Maker to do this part.

Gather the following materials: computer, Cricut machine (or other cutting machine), related cutting machine accessories (mat and blade), stencil blanks

Follow these steps:

1. Create preferred graphic or saying in Cricut Design Space.

2. Adjust dimensions until graphic is the desired size.

3. Click “Make It” to send the project to the cutting steps.

4. Adjust graphic on your digital mats so you have enough of a border on each side to tape down the stencil, once made.

5. Adhere stencil blank to a Standard Grip Mat.

6. Insert the Deep Point Blade to the B slot in your Cricut machine.

7. Load mat in machine and press the go button.

8. Remove letters from sheet, but be sure to keep the insides of the letters (A, E, O, etc.) .

9. Repeat for second mat, if your design calls for it. (we used two stencil sheets in total).

Step 2: ​Secure Stencil to Outdoor Mat.

Woo hoo! Now that you have your stencil, all you have to do is get it secured to your outdoor mat.

Gather the following materials: cut out stencil, Frog tape, outdoor mat, straight pins

Follow these steps:

1. Trim stencil as needed for your preferred alignment.

2. Place stencil pieces on outdoor mat, ensuring that they are centered.

3. Tape stencil down using the green Frog Tape.

4. Place the insides of any letters (like O, D, E, etc.) in place.

5. Use straight pins to secure stencil to mat, being sure to pin down all insides of letters.

Tip: You can’t use too many pins here. The more secure the stencil is, the less bleed you will have.

6. Cover any additional areas of the mat where you do not want color (this has a lot of overspray).

Step 3: ​Paint Mat With Flex Seal

This is where your mat really comes to life! Just be sure that you’re working in a well ventilated area, as the Flex Seal has a STRONG vapor. We highly recommend using a face mask and goggles as well.

Gather the following materials: drop cloth, face mask/respirator, flex seal (black), flex seal (clear)

Follow these steps:

1. Place a drop cloth under your project to protect surface from overspray.

2. Shake can to ensure it is properly mixed.

3. Hold the can of Flex Seal about 12 inches from your project.

4. Spray straight down, not at an angle, moving quickly across the stencil.

5. Let dry for approximately 15 minutes.

6. Spray a second coat using the method described above.

7. Let dry for approximately 15 minutes.

8. Seal with the clear Flex Seal spray, if desired.

9. Immediately after sealing, remove stencil by lifting it straight up and away.

10. Don’t forget to remove the insides of the letters as well.

11. Let project cure overnight.

Step 4: ​Enjoy!

Now just place your new welcome mat outside and enjoy! You can dress this up in many ways, including using another larger mat underneath to help it pop.

We hope you enjoyed this project. Let us know if you make it.

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    2 years ago

    Very clever idea to use Flex Seal! Really like the design too!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you!! It was surprising how easy it was, and it's holding up well, too!